EaseUS Data Recovery – Best Free Recovery Software for Mac

EaseUS Data Recovery – Best Free Recovery Software for Mac

Data recovery is needed to most of the system users as deletion of files are the common occurrences. Most deletion is not with intention and can be mistaken by another file. However, if the file is permanently deleted from the system then it can’t be retrieved by the inbuilt software applications of Windows or else in Mac. Third party recovery software such as EaseUS is the most preferred software that can extract any file from the hard drive easily with less effort probably. Being the free data recovery software, it has all-pro utilizations such as retrieve of files of any format and multiple recoveries too.

Operation of EaseUS Data Recovery software

If a file is deleted from the system then it is probably stored in the recycle bin and can be restored easily, but if it is permanently deleted by Shift+delete operation then it is stored in hard drive. The permanently deleted files remain in the hard drive until it is overwritten by another file and can be retrieved only by recovery software. In windows it is easy and there is much software available for recovery, but in the case of Mac books due to high-end security, there are few working software. There is a different version of EaseUS that is used for Mac Recovery and can be downloaded from the official website easeus.com.

Working process of Ease US Software

  • Enter the website easeus.com and click on the Download for Mac button available on the front screen of the web page.
  • After the download and install of the software are completed in the Apple Mac Operating system, allow certain permissions to penetrate into the hard
  • You can see the readily available scan and search options on the front display.
  • Enter the name of the file that you want to search for Mac recovery.
  • After the scan is started similar names will start to appear on the screen one by one.
  • If you see the file that you are searching for, then click on stop.
  • You can now click on restore button available and the file will be stored to the wanted folder in the system.
  • Multiple searches can also be performed in Mac OS, just click on search and enter the names.
  • You can restore multiple files at a time to the wanted folders.

Benefits of EaseUS Mac Data Recovery software

  • User-friendly interface: – Unlike other clumsy paid versions of recovery software, EaseUS is the easiest and convenient one with lots of readily available options and features too. Even beginners can use the software as pros in the restoring files.
  • Multiple recoveries: – You can recover any format of files to the system at a time and multiple recoveries take the same time as that of the single file. Both will run the scanning options and restores it to the original folder that you want those files in.
  • Free to use: – Even though it possesses lots of benefits with easy utilization process, it is free to use both in Windows as well as Mac OS. As there is very few recovery software for the Mac OS, it is the most preferred and renowned software all over the world.



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