Easy Steps how to Switch from Android to iOS

Easy Steps how to Switch from Android to iOS

The War of Android vs. Apple rages on and it’s far from being over. While both sides have their respective share of appraisers and haters. Things can get untidy, and some users deliberately want to change the OS they use. Well if you are going to iOS from Android, then use the following guide as it will help making the transition easy.

Moving your Contacts
To save your breath, you can simply migrate these from email account and other social portals. If you have been an avid Android user, it’s no brainer that you have a Gmail Account. With the help of this account, you can easily move your information from your current phone to the brand new iPhone.
Make sure you enable Sync on Google Account.  Just go to Settings > Accounts (Accounts and Sync). Now select Google and turn on Sync.
On your iPhone, Go to Settings > Mails, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account from the list, select Google and provide your account information.
On Next Screen, select the information you want to Sync. This includes you Mail, Contacts, Calendars and even notes.  By now, you must have transferred the contacts, on your iPhone, now just Tap save in Upper right-hand corner, and you will see the iOS importing every bit of selected data. Moreover, you can repeat the whole thing if you use another email account including Yahoo and Outlook.

Music and Pictures
Transferring Music
If you prefer iPhone Native Music Player, and you have music stored locally on your phone. You can easily transfer them over with the help of your computer. Just follow these easy steps to do so:
Create Folder on Desktop and transfer music from your android mobile to it for temporary basis
Now connect the android phone to computer wit USB cable
Now from your computer, you need to navigate where your music is on the Android device.
Transferring Photos
This option is pretty identical to the Music one
Connect your Android phone to your PC with a USB cable
Find the location of Music and pictures where you have stored them in your Android phone
If you are using Microsoft Windows, then you can easily find it like this, This Computer > Phone Name > Internal Storage > DCIM > Camera. If you are using Mac, then you need to go to file transfer > DCIM > Camera. You should also check the other folders.
Now connect your iPhone to computer and launch iTunes. Select the iPhone from the top toolbar and check Sync Photos Box. Now select the folder and click on Sync to make the move.

The Hard Truth, when switching from Android to iOS, you won’t be able to transfer any Android apps to your iPhone. However, you can download or buy them all over again from Apple App Store. It’s understandably difficult to cut some valuable apps but on the bright site, you don’t have to buy apps for Instagram, Facebook or Twitters, just provide your log in details and you will find all of your information.
The good news is; iTunes App Store have more than 1 million apps. Also, Google’s Apps and services such as Google Maps, Docs, and others. Before you embark this journey, you should realize the fact that change can be scary and if you are not satisfied with what you have in hand. Changing it to something else might be the answer for you.


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