Enhance your site visibility through domain authority checker

Enhance your site visibility through domain authority checker

Internet is like an ocean if you search for a single word in any search engine you will get more than thousands of websites. Many websites stays top in their positions and few are not and you can check your domain value through domain authority checker it is a tool to identify the value of the website through analyzing the URL’s. Before using this tool knowing about domain authority is necessary.

Domain authority is a statistical measure to find the websites based on the reputation provided by Moz and giving statistical number from 0 to 100 for determining the domain rank results of Google search engine. Domain authority is different from page authority as it gives out the overall ranking potential of entire domains but page authority provides ranking potential of a single webpage.

  •  Domain authority checker is a tool to check the authority of the websites through scoring them in the range of 0 to 100.
  • You can get the domain metrics of nearly 100 WebPages at a time through pasting the URL’s in the tool.
  • Pasting multiple URL’s in the tool will analyse everything and gives out the best results after analysis also you can extract the checked results in an excel sheet for later use
  • Get the domain authority checker tool and check unlimited WebPages in regular and it is absolutely for free.

Factors used to calculate the domain authority

Domain authority is calculated based on various factors and they are age of website, that means the websites which are live in search engines not based on the domain registration then it checks the backlinks and its types whereas the websites were marked low if they are connected with any spammed backlinks. Then it calculates based on the quality of the content presented, speed and design of the website which are highly essential factors because the ranking relies up on the time taken by the website to load and mainly the content that should be presented without any grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Moz trust is an important factor which is introduced by Moz and the website with Moz trust is developed with various parameters and passage of time for calculation purpose. The last feature for calculating domain authority is social signals which display the popularity of the website in social platforms. The ranking of the websites were given based on these factors only. It is necessary to improve the domain authority because domain authority is highly important in order to get a good position in search engines and you need to increase the domain authority value and you can get help from any top most SEO company to reach your target.


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