Essential apps for Apple Watch

Essential apps for Apple Watch

The much awaited Apple watch is here, so are the beloved apps which will fight it out for a tiny space just more than 1 inch screen. Apple watch has all the sensors and computing power to render and make any kind of information available on your wrist. The Smartwatch also latches on to your iPhone to derive some of its computation. This mini computer has Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and built in heart rate sensor – all of these will make sure you have the right information all the time. Siri works on the Apple watch as well, don’t be shy to talk to the Smartwatch to get things done just like a Bond. “Handoff” feature introduced in iOS8 will ensure smooth transition from one Apple device to another. We have listed some of the essential Apple Watch apps which you want to install the moment you have the Watch strapped on –


City mapper – Puzzled with the directions? The famed transit app has launched the extension for Apple Watch, you get the alerts and direction on your wrists. With this app on your wrist you will never get lost again.



Twitter: 140 characters fit well on the tiny screen, it seems tweet was designed keeping the smaller screen into consideration. Beloved essential app Twitter was among the first to launch extension for Apple Watch. The Apple Watch will render notifications, check trends; it will also prompt if someone starts following you. You can also dictate a tweet and post it, hands free.




Shazam: This handy app just got better with Apple Watch extension, now you don’t have to search around for your iPhone to tag a song, rather your watch should be just fine.




Evernote: We’re a big fan Evernote – the note taking app, Evernote is the undisputed king when it comes to notes and information organizer. Evernote has nearly covered all major operating systems, now we have an app for the Apple Watch too. This app almost extends all the features available in Smartphone to the Watch, you can view recent notes, dictate a quick note, set reminders and much more.




Skype: Our beloved Skype is now on Apple watch; Microsoft recently released the extension for the Apple Watch. Although the current app does not support two way video or audio communication, however we are sure update should not be far away.




Uber: Alright, want a taxi? Uber it, this handy app was among the first few to release Apple Watch extension. With Uber for Apple Watch, you will know long it will take for the ride to arrive, you can drop pins and get to choose between Uber X, pool or Black car service.




Nike + Running – Nike and Apple now have had a long way coming together, when Apple Watch was launched, Nike+ Running was one of the initial apps made available for the Watch, although it doesn’t bring anything new on to the table however you get to see a new level of interactivity, the Watch doubled up as a fitness tracker.




Wunderlist – One of the essential apps to be made available early on for the Watch adopters, Watch adaption of the app is intuitive with four circular buttons, showing every bit of information you’ll need. Hands free operation lets you dictate things-to-do. Brilliant animations let you know where you stand in terms of working it out through “to do list”.


The only downside to this Smartwatch is the battery life, these lithium ion batteries ain’t catching up with the power hungry devices. We don’t blame Apple alone for this; however, we don’t want to end up having a watch which is out of juice every other time when I need it. Last time I juiced up my not so “smart” watch is couple of years back!


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