Ethical Hacking apps for android

Ethical Hacking apps for android

Today, Android stands to be the great Mobile operating system ever built for smartphones .You can do amazing things and lots of experiments with your phone. Android is not simply a phone, but a fully featured computer device. With rooted android phone, one can gain complete access to ones android phone.


























With the current evolution and advancement in the development of mobile technology, mobile devices are very common feature today; mobile phones altered completely the way of two- way communication. Today the market is flout with many operating systems for mobile devices, but the Android is the most famous and best operating system for mobile devices. It is an OS meaning that you can install other software’s or application on it.

There are risks associated with hacking by mobile devices and people are innovatively developing and using different applications to deal with the problem of hacking attack. Android has been faced with many challenges from hacking application. Some of the applications that have been developed by Android include the following:

At the moment there are very Android apps to hack most of these apps are user friendly and good for working. These Apps are the must apps for a hacker:

The Android network tool kit

The last Defco conference has witnessed the release of a new tool by a security researcher. This tool came by the name “The Android network toolkit”. Android network tool kit is a kit for pentesters This are been developed purposely for ethical hackers and for penetration tester to test any network and their vulnerability using their mobile devices.















Android network tool kits contain different applications/software that will assist any hacker to find weaknesses and possibly exploit it


Nmap for Android

Nmap stands for network mapper- it is the among the best different network scanner (port finder) tool. Nmap is a network scanner tool that gives all information of the IP address and website. There is a version of Nmap that has been developed for Android users. Using these application hackers can scan the IPs address through mobile device/phone.












Nmap was specifically developed for UNIX operating system (OS) but currently it is available for Android and a window as well.Nmap for android is a Nmap applications for mobile phone. Once scanning is done you can sent the results by e-mail. Nmap is not official application but it looks great. This app is simply a wrapper around a cross-compiled Nmap binary built for your Android phone.


FaceNiff-Session Hijacker for Android

This application has been developed for hacking social networking websites, this include twitter and face book. FaceNiff was developed by Bartoz Ponurkiewicz who both firesheep and FaceNiff.





















FaceNiff was developed for Android operating system. FaceNiff bear close similarities to to firesheep whereby it exploits the vulnerability of facebook on WI-Fl. You can have access to the sessions on the facebook on current WI-Fl.


AnDOSid-Android Secure Shell

AnDOSid stands for denial for service attack is very dangerous this because it takes down the computer or the server. AnDOSid allows security gurus to simulate a denial of service attack (A http post flood attack to be exact) and denial of service on a web server, from mobile phones. AnDOSid is specifically designed for software security professionals only.


SSHDroid- Android Secure Shell

Secure Shell or SSH is the best application that gives an extra security protection cover, while you are connecting with your remote computer. Secure Shell or SSHDroid is securing shell server from a personal computer and it excutes commands like “terminal” and adb shell”. Using this application you will be able to connect to your mobile device for your computer and be able to execute commands.














You will also be able to edit files ((through Cyberduck, SFTP, WinSCP, etc…). this application can be upgraded to the pro version which has more features such as the Extended notification controls Extended notification controls, Shared-key authentication Hornescreen and lock screen widget, AdFree, WiFi autostart white list, – Automation with intents support

ARP spoofing

ARP IS an acronym for Address Resolution Protocol. It allows the network to translate IP address into MAC addresses. When one host using IP on local area network is trying to contact another it needs the Mac address of the host it is contacting.ARP spoofing is hacking technique by which an attacker will send “spoofed “Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) messages onto a LAN (local area network). The aim being to associate the attackers Mac address with the IP address. ARP spoofing allows the attacker to intercept data frames on a network, stop all traffic, or modify traffic. The attack is used as an opening for other attacks like AnDOSid, session hijacking, and man in the middle attacks. ARP spoofing attacks can only be used on a AnDOSid, session hijacking, and man in the middle attacks. ARP spoofing attacks can only be used on a network that make use of the address Resolution Protocol and is limited to local network segments.


Whatsapp is a messaging service application that very famous available at goggle play. It is used by millions of people when chatting with their colleagues and family. However, its users for long have been faced with privacy challenges. Whatsapp sniffer is a free application that makes you able to access Whatsapp messages of a same Wi-Fi network. It catches pictures, conversations, videos/audio transmitted by Android mobile devices.



















To be able to use Whatsapp Sniffer, all you require is only a rooted Android mobile device. The download Whatsapp sniffer apk on your devices, install and then start reading other people whatsapp conversation who share same WI-Fi connection.

Droid PenTest Tools

Pen Test Tools is a list of Android applications that tests penetration. Penetration test is used for testing security of something. If something passes penetration test, there is very high possibility that that hacker cannot hack into it It has the following features: Links to Apps on the Play Store, Links to Google, Links to Apps that are NOT on the Play Store the name of the App or App Package, Links to App websites, and Links to Source Code of Open Source Apps.

Shark for root

This traffic sniffer that works on 3G and WI-Fl (it also works on Fro Yo tethered mode). To open dump use wireshark or similar software, for preview dump on mobile device/phone useshark reader.


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