Facebook Announces Payment Services using Messenger App

Facebook Announces Payment Services using Messenger App

Now you will be able to use a new feature with the Facebook massager app. The Facebook massager app allowed you to send and receive money. Facebook has announced the new features officially.

The Facebook started working on the project in October 2014, but today is the day that Facebook has decided to launch their service. People who are looking to send money, simply start the chat with the relevant person and press the dollar sign “$” and type the amount you want to send to that person, then taps the “Pay” section add the debit card number and send money to others. On the other hand to receive funds the receiver will use the “Add Card” option and add their debit card and get money in their account.

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For the very first time when you use the Facebook money sending/receiving services you have to add your MasterCard or VisaCard number issued by the US bank. The new Facebook app also allows you to create a specific PIN code to make your transections secure the next time you use the service. The iOS device users may enable the Touch ID for better security. Using this option you can add another layer of verification to your account at any time.

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Facebook added they are using a very secure system, which encode your card information and Facebook connection if you would ask Facebook to store your card info for you. Facebook said they are using the highly protected software and hardware for secure payment systems. For better security Facebook officials kept this system in a secure and separate environment that has some extraordinary monitoring system and control. They assigned a team of anti-fraud specialists to monitor any suspicious activity to help keep the user accounts safe.

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Note: So far, the new payment feature is only for US based users and will be reveled in the upcoming month.

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