Facebook Scrapbooks feature help you as parent to organize your children’s pictures

Facebook Scrapbooks feature help you as parent to organize your children’s pictures

Now it’s time to be happy with your most loving relations like your partners and children to enjoy at Facebook and save your memorable moments using your android/iOS device. Facebook’s new Scrapbooks feature rolled out, which allows the parents an easy way to create and organize their children’s photo albums.

The new Scrapbooks feature adds quite easier options to manage photos of your children using special tags and it lets you share a scrapbook with your loved one family or friends. Here are some of the unique Scrapbook features from Facebook:

  • You and your mate pick which photos to tag
  • You and your partner will be able to tag your child in photos not others
  • There are several reminders and tips build by Facebook to guide you along the way
  • It allows opt to co-own the folder with a mate who you’re in a connection with on Facebook
  • It lets you to select what you demand the tag it can be your child’s label, personalizes or for fun
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In order to start creating a scrapbook of your child along with the help of your partner you have to head to the “About” option of your profile and go to “Family and Relationship” section. Now choose “Add Scrapbook” add the name of child whom you want to tag if you have added him/her as family member on your profile.

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Facebook Said, This project is a labor of love

This way you and your partner will be able to keep the pictures of your children with an organized manner. The Facebook’s officials says in future they are going to add the option for the web based users, as currently it is available only for Android users, however, it would take some time to make happy the web based Facebook users. For now the features is available only for US based users and will be rolled out soon for other regions.

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