Four New Apps for your Free App Roundup!

Four New Apps for your Free App Roundup!

Welcome back to the Free App Roundup brought to you by! Like always, we’re featuring a small list of applications, the best we can bring to your phone, which are normally on the paid list! Keep in mind that these are best when acted on quickly, so get to it! Let’s kick it off!


Bubl Draw (iOS, $2.99 FREE)

As someone with children, my iPhone has become a device that doesn’t just solely belong to me anymore. Any parent can relate, so we like to bring you a child-friendly application when we can find them. Bubl Draw is a great art-based application directed at supporting a tide of creativity in your child. Bubl intends on being a series of apps focused for children, with Draw being the first. Set to music that is created as your child creates, Draw allows your child to draw a myriad of vivid pictures, each more unique than the last. Now, in the latest version, it actually allows sharing of the music and images your little tyke has created.


Fallin Love (iOS, $0.99 FREE)

I have a soft-spot for simple, easy to pick up indie games like Fallin Love. They are usually the product of quite a bit of fondness and attention from a small developer, if not a single person, trying to break into a saturated market. Fallin Love is a great game that is just this. You play as Fall, a love-scorned little pixel on the search for just the right look to make the lady he loves notice him. Gravity-based, meaning to solve the puzzles and gain your new outfits and disguises, which is the point of the game, you’ll have to either swipe or outright turn your iPhone. It’s a fun little game that will keep you entertained and, possibly, make you smile.


Pocket Scanner (iOS, $2.99 FREE)

I, for one, am happy to see an app like this come along. While mobile scanners are not uncommon, though not so common to break the market on the large cumbersome equipment that seems to perpetuate still, Pocket Scanner seems to be one of the best out there. And to boost interest, the free pricetag makes it even better. With a few simple clicks, you end up with a ready to go, multi-page PDF that is easy to organize and encrypt. It carries built in support for many file-sharing services like Google Docs, Box, Evernot, and Dropbox, and stands out as not just a camera function but as a true image processor and manager for your documents.


ElectroTrains (iOS, $0.99 FREE)

I adore a good puzzler. Any puzzler will do. And ElectroTrains is just the type that I enjoy playing at the end of the day to wind my mind down. The premise is easy. Switch your tracks between the three colored trains to get them, safely, to the correct station. That’s it! A myriad of different track combinations will keep you entertained each time you pick up this great little app from developer Robin Edwards.


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