The Free App Roundup! Runtastic, Robots Love Ice Cream, and more!

The Free App Roundup! Runtastic, Robots Love Ice Cream, and more!

It’s time for the weekly Free App Roundup here at!

Be sure to grab these as fast as you can because, like always, they don’t last long at that great price of free!

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The Journey Down: Chapter One (iOS, $2.98 FREE)

Likely my favorite game to come along in the Free App Roundup in some time, TJD is a beautiful point and click style brain-teaser with a great Caribbean flair. Follow the story of Bwana and Kito through the Underland in an attempt to break the monotony of their lives and follow up on the fate of their lost father. Expect creative puzzling set amongst wonderful hand-made HD background and animations. A great reggae-style soundtrack to accompany a top-to-bottom voice-acted host of characters rounds out this innovative little story. And judging from the name, we can expect more in the future!


Runtastic Mountain Bike PRO GPS Cycling Computer, Ride and Route Tracker (iOS, $4.99 FREE)

As an avid bike rider, this is actually an app that I’ve had for some time now. The Ride and Route tracker function of this app is infinitely handy, but the biggest appeal to myself was and still is the Cycling Computer. Through the sensors in your iPhone, the app can actually pick up on the cadence and rhythm of your cycling and through other information gathered through GPS can keep track of a host of information that you would normally require an onboard cycling computer to track. But the list of features that Runtastic’s app includes is staggeringly long and, with Apple’s focus starting to include the ever-popular health app suite, Runtastic is already ahead of the curve.

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Robots Love Ice Cream (iOS, $0.99 FREE)

Robots? Check. Weaponized Ice Cream? Check. Space travel? Check.

This little game is about as much fun as you can get for the classic arcade style blaster. The environments and art are gorgeous and absolutely eye-popping at times. The animations are incredibly smooth and soundtrack just simply perfect for the game itself. And you simply cannot go wrong with the style of game as the blaster-style is something that is simple and will never go out of style. Grab this quick and keep yourself entertained with your ice cream guns!


Twenty One – Form New Habits and Improve Your Life (iOS, $2.99 FREE)

The entire premise of this application is just what it states in its title. Over the course of three weeks, Twenty One helps you track and develop habits, good ones that is, that at meant to help improve your life from the top down. It allows you to set specific days of the week to work on a specific forming habit, reminders to keep you on track, and the ability to track your progress visually in graphs and charts. A host of categories to choose from really allow you to expand your choices as the entire idea behind this application is to improve your day to day life with good behaviors. Make your habits and maintain them as the good ones only serve to enhance your world.


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