Fresh Air App Review

Fresh Air App Review

Conceptualized, designed, built and powered by Backcountry Studios LLC and formerly known as ‘Weather or Not & Weather Cal,’ Fresh Air is a top-rated weather application for Apple devices. Reviews claim that it is a very easy to use program for keeping up with one’s plans and weather-monitoring needs, all personalized for the modern user. It has the power to convey a seven-day of minute by minute weather report, all in a minimalistic graph tailored for a busy, on-the-go lifestyle and comes with a calendar of events and with an optional notification updating function, based on user preference.

What Comes in the Box?

  • Fresh Air App (Released, November 19, 2014)
  • Valued at $1.99 in the App Store

Product Features & Technical Details

  • Fresh Air App ReviewWeather data, including information on likelihood and amount of precipitation or rain; weather conditions, including measurement of humidity and wind speed; sunrise and sunset time based on your location; snow possibility; and so many more.
  • Weather temperature data measured through Fahrenheit and Celsius; options, Metric or English standard of measurements
  • Comes with an optional high contrast mode
  • Shows wind speed and its direction
  • Lets users brag about their location weather to their colleagues and friends
  • Gives weather warnings, so users would know if it would rain or snow during specific appointments or schedules
  • Allows importing of calendar location in the ‘Settings’ menu of the iPhone device
  • Version 1.0.4
  • Size: 31 MB
  • Developer: Backcountry Studios LLC
  • Latest product update: 22nd February, 2015
  • Available in Spanish, English and German languages

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

Fresh Air App ReviewAccording to a majority of reviews, this product is one of the most beautifully- and intuitively- made apps for iPhone, as it allows them to personalize it based on their demands and settings. They can get more intimate of their weather and remember to check it from time to time to see how it would affect certain calendared events they have for the day.

They also noted that the visualization is elegant yet so easy to understand with icons or symbols commonly used for temperature, humidity, sunrise and so many more. Although this app has already changed its name for better recall and relevance to the weather category, it has kept its powerful features of delivering accurate weather reports that people are trying to find about wind, sunrise, humidity and other relevant data, not mentioning they all can check these things out in one app.

Because it comes with an interactive graph, users noted that they can find every detail they are looking for at a glance, making this app their favorite weather app that keeps up with their busy lifestyle. It also includes warnings for bad weather, including storms. In this case, they said that they can adjust their schedule based on the weather that Fresh Air feeds them with.

Most of them also appreciate how this app for Apple has Calendar integration, allowing them to simplify their weather experience; in fact, they noted that it also allows them to import their current calendar or events entries to see the predicted weather for such appointments, including meetings, dinner dates, coffee meetings and so many more.

Based on their location, they also highlighted how helpful Fresh Air is in terms of giving them their daily weather reports. In this case, they revealed they never have to watch weather news on TV when they don’t have the chance to, but still they can keep updated with the weather of the day in the very easy to use interface this app offers them with.

They said that they could also schedule their weather notifications with their calendar events, especially for events or gatherings outdoors that depend on the weather condition, including a garden wedding or a beach holiday. Nonetheless, becoming updated with the weather, users revealed, makes them stress-free in dealing with how the current wind or rain conditions would be and gives them the chance to make necessary adjustments, just in case.

For others, they appreciate the outstanding support this app gives them whenever they have concerns and queries. No doubt that the team of developers and people behind the app values their customers so much that this tool is a top downloadable Apple application today. According to the company, every customer counts for them, so they appreciate getting bug reports and feedbacks.

Pros of Product

  • Easy to use interface
  • Very intuitive to suit the busy, modern lifestyle
  • Beautiful, clean and simplistic app
  • Outstanding customer support

Cons of Product

  • First timers may need to spend some time maneuvering around to decide for their preferences and settings in notifications. Nonetheless, they will eventually get the hang of it after first use because the app is just so easy to use even for users without much technical experience.
  • It is not FREE, but the price may be worth it, as it is one-time payment and lifetime use and free updates.

Who Should Buy This Product?

  • Fresh Air App ReviewTravelers who want to keep up with weather conditions, such as rainfall, snowfall and wind speed, as they need to check on any of these things for a hassle-free trip
  • Corporate on-the-go people who are usually assigned from place to place to undertake specific job assignments
  • People who usually have their appointment windows filled with all-day events, as being updated with the weather allows them to make needed adjustments, when possible
  • Everyone looking to keep themselves in the loop of the latest weather conditions for their day-to-day activities and functions

Conclusion and Recommendation

Upon scouring feedbacks and reviews about Fresh Air online, this app has proven to be a very useful one for a majority of users, who claim that it is one of the most beautiful and intelligent weather apps there are for Apple users. Because it has customizable settings, one can get really intimate with his or her location’s weather conditions, all in one place.

More so, the snapshots found online show how this app has a very clean and crisp interface that everyone can appreciate. There is no clutter whatsoever, but only vital facts and figures a user is looking for in a weather application, readily downloadable on the App Store. Although it costs money to use it, the app is worth the price because of its convenient, efficient and top-grade features and functions.


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