Google launches Android for Work App for Non-Lollipop Devices

Google launches Android for Work App for Non-Lollipop Devices

Don’t worry if you have an older version of android OS and your device is not compatible to upgrade it with latest Android version Lollipop. The android for work app would be your ultimate solution to get your work done as you can do on your Android Lollipop device. This app helps you to separates your personal and work data.

The IT administrator’s support this app separates and encodes work data, including third-party, internally developed applications and productivity. This android app is going to help you for Work app to contact all the commercial gears you need to get your job ready.

The full policy enforcement, app distribution and control over the app are the major features of this app, you may also able for remote wiping of all business data that can be managed using Android for Work App’s management solution features.

Android for Work app

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If you don’t know about the app, Google has first previewed the app in Google I/O 2014’s event. The objective of that program is to allow the people to use their personal devices at their work places keeping their work and personal data separate from each other.

Obviously, the Android for Work app features are the part of new Android 5.0 Lollipop, but Google wants to enjoy that features to their existing customers while keeping their older android version. So today’s release of this app is only available for the Google’s existing customers running devices with Android 4.0 to 4.4.

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