Google Maps vs Apple Maps – Both are Still Competing

Google Maps vs Apple Maps – Both are Still Competing

Once, Google Maps was the only online mapping service for all of the operating systems of smart-deivices. They were running on Android and Apple’s iOS, until Apple didn’t release their mapping service with iOS6 in 2012. But Apple Map service was highly rejected by the users with lots of bugs and they have to switch back to the Google Maps. The company started struggling again in order to clear all of the bugs. Now the question is after 3 years of working on the same project, are they manage to remove all of the bugs notified by the users? Here we are going to find some of the highlighted use of both maps used by general public, then you will be able to know is Apple manage to overcome on Google Maps or they are still behind their technology.

Price: Google Maps vs Apple Maps

We all know Apple’s several apps are expensive or have more price as compared to android devices, but in order to compete with their biggest revile they have to make it FREE for the users.

google maps vs apple maps

Walk, Car, Bus or Train

Google Maps: Google gives the users options to find out their destination with several transport ways including bus, car walking even with bicycle.

Apple Maps: On the other hand Apple is providing rote information by driving and walking. Both apps allow the users to choose the best transport system on their specific rote.

google maps vs apple maps

Data and Accuracy

Google Maps: It was the biggest bug Apple has to face by the users and Apple works a lot to resolve it. Google looks much more ahead in this regard, as they bought the world famous high resolution satellite imagery company to make their data accurate and hired some of the expert army persons to resolve all bugs even small or big.

Apple Maps: But What Apple does in this regard? Yes, they also purchase a location company in order to help the user to navigate the perfect location via public transport, biking or walking. They are also offering to report any error you find and it will be resolved in few days. So they are trying hard to make it better.

tun by notification

Turn by Turn Navigation

Apple Maps: Apple’s looks somehow better in this feature by adding 3D maps for this service, but the drawback, it is not available for all over the world’s locations.

Google Maps: On the other hand Google turn by turn navigation is still working in beta version, but they are working to make their user interface better.

What’s Unique: Apple Maps vs Google Maps

Apple Maps: We have to admit there are a number of similarities between both mapping services, but one thing makes them different from each other. Apple makes it different they using BigBan display features to use the current time of location, they also added an animated London eye that keeps rotating to give you a great look.

Google Maps: Instead Google maps comes with verity of unique features like Google Street view and the public transport feature that give their service great user friendly features.

The Bottom Line

So, the above features shows both Google Maps and Apple Maps has several similar features as well as a number of unique features are the part of these world famous mapping services. Now doubt Apple has made their service much batter as compared to their initial release, but Google Maps still looks much better with kind of user friendly features.


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