Google New Headquarters Revealed – Looks a Great Combination of Nature and Tech

Google New Headquarters Revealed – Looks a Great Combination of Nature and Tech

Google looks turn into nature with a perfect combination of tech, which provides a most favorable working environment to their workers. The mountain view of new Google headquarters in California gives a look of fiction movies for that they have started working to make it happen in real. They have been submitted the Mountain View proposal for the approval.

Google thinks the idea is very simple that doesn’t contain the material of immoveable concrete buildings, you can built your office different way like use log cabins , check at loghouse, having lightweight structure that can be easily moveable when they invest in the new product areas. They are thinking to keep the trees, cafes and landscaping as an important part of the structure that will decrease the distinctions between nature and buildings.

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One of the major issues of big cities is traffic and Google looks to decrease the traffic load on the city roads and itself. They seem to provide pollution free environment to theur workers, which is going to be productive and innovative for the company.

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Google’s vision for a new Googleplex, will have a pedestrian path and a way to ride the bike and is one of several development proposals from numerous firms probably to be submitted to the city on Friday.

google new headqurters look

Once the project will be gone through the approval processes as it has been submitted to the authorities, then the company will be able to start work on it. But the Idea of Google New Headquarters is looking really impressive and has more chances to get approved.

Google New Headquarters Idea Generation Video (Credit Google’s YouTube)

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