Google Now Integrated with More 70 Third-Party Apps

Google Now Integrated with More 70 Third-Party Apps

Google announced in a blog post they have integrated with more than 70 third-party apps can now display in Google Card. This is the sequence from the Google’s integration with 40 apps that was supported for Google Now in the month of January 2015.

The new partner apps would include OpenTable, ZipCar, ABC News Runkeeper and many more. By mixing with third-party apps Google will be able to make Google Now more valuable as it will be able to bring relevant info contingent on the time when you need.

These features after Google Now integration with other third parties apps gets breaking news about the outcome of the Nepal earthquake from ABC News, Circa, or feedly.

The other feature help you to know in case your pad Thai is about to reach with notices from Eat24 that the nutrition you well-ordered will rapidly be on your home, or get enthused with the different methods of the day from All recipes.

This integration is going to help you to keep yourself fit by setting your fitness goals front and center with gentle bumps from Runkeeper, Jawbone, or Adidas.

Another feature of this integration is going to help you out in your dinner, simply tap on a Now card and pay your dues with OpenTable.

Google app intigration

You must make sure your Google Search app and third party apps are running perfectly after getting the latest version. To get the feature in hands you simply need to wait for few weeks and Google will enable the features for all users.

Back to the January 2015, Google’s 40 third party apps integration was an awesome feature for the users, now the new 70 third party apps collaboration is another valuable step by Google. These integrations make Google Now more robust service. All of these apps can show beneficial info in card, you will be able to make your things easier that you need to know and do with your portable device.

In accumulation to reveal cards from your preferred apps, Google Now allows you to get help in some other ways now as well.

Google intigration

In case you have more than one app installed in your device, the new Google Now service notify you when it thinks there’s a need of that particular information to you.

Like, the uses of ZipCar app can use Google Now cards and get notification about any upcoming reservation. The music apps share suggestions with you that will be based on your interest like your previous listening history, the new app send notifications in trending stories you may be inspired from them.



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