The Goophone i6 may be for you if all you want is the look of the newest Apple device

The Goophone i6 may be for you if all you want is the look of the newest Apple device

It seems that everyone is scrambling for the new iPhone 6 and its big brother, the 6 Plus. Even people who, in the past, were the type to dislike Apple products so much it seemed to physically hurt them, have shown some newfound interest in the new offering from Cupertino and the Apple crew. Some like the power, some like the security, and some simply like the image of the phone itself.

For those of you wanting to look like you have the latest and greatest Apple device but don’t want to make the jump from Android and want to pay the large prices of the new iDevice even more, the Goophone i6 is for you.


In short, the Goophone i6 is a copycat. At first and second glances, there is no difference between what you’ll find, at least from a hardware angle, on the iPhone 6 and the Goophone i6.

Here, look for yourself.


Goophone is no stranger to the copycat world. In the past, it has offered both iPhone 5 series and iPad clones that look exactly like the source material, only powered by Android 4.2. and a different set of internals in the 1.4 GHz quad-core Cortex-a7 processor. Toss in the basic GPS and Bluetooth tech and the potential of an expandable microSD card slot (which is needed considering 32GB is the largest you can get with this confused little device) and you have an interesting combination of technology and packaging.


Goophone seemingly centers their device around a 13MP camera, something they happily remind us is a full 5MP more than even the iPhone 6 carries. Despite a relatively powerful internal design and camera, you will not be seeing the quality of pictures taken with the iPhone on the Goophone. Apple has some the best photo sensor technology on the market and Goophone, well, doesn’t. Often a bigger number doesn’t always mean better quality, especially considering the phone has no ability to take HD imagery, either in video or still shots.

The UI is also an issue. Not satisfied with creating a physical iPhone clone, Goophone has taken the scalpel to the stock Android UI and created an iOS design that, to the untrained eye, looks convincing enough. However, some listed applications like Siri obviously do not work, nor does the fingerprint ID that Apple is so proud of either.


Rounding up some of the differences are a slightly larger and heavier size, a less defined display in 960×540, and a much, much less powerful battery that only allows for 5 hours of talk time to the iPhone’s reported 14. Input lag in this device is a very real thing despite its specifications, as can be seen in various YouTube reviews.

All in all, little is honestly known about the Goophone i6, so truthfully saying that the phone works properly is hard to do. However, it feels like a good mod of Android to copy iOS and it’s housing because, really, that’s exactly what it is.

You can get your own Goophone i6 for $199.99 in either, surprisingly, gold, black, or grey.


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