Guide: quickly become an Instagram influencer

Guide: quickly become an Instagram influencer

In the late 2010s, everyone became familiar with the profession of ‘influencer’. It is a person/brand/community who or which has a significant number of engaged followers. He, she or they then advertise products or services and receive money in exchange. It is really a simple job that many people idealise. We prepared a small guide for you. It can be your No.1 tool for quickly becoming an Instagram influencer. Follow these steps and see the number of your Instagram followers skyrocket. Earn money by sharing pictures. Here’s how you can do it.

Step 1: Prepare to share

Influencers have little privacy in their lives. You will likely get recognition in the streets. Along with that, hundreds or even thousands of messages could arrive to your inbox every hour, let alone day. It would be best if you were prepared to share even the more intimate details of your life like relationships, breakdowns, illnesses, etc. To become an Instagram influencer, you have to be ready for it.

Step 2: Be consistent

Upload and share with consistency. Once a day to begin with or at least enough to earn you a stable income. Feeling poorly, hungry, down or just not being in the mood should not affect your posting schedule. As mentioned previously, be ready to share even the more intimate details. This works in sync with consistency. Your audiences will automatically become more engaged as you post regularly and are sharing different content, allowing for versatile viewing experiences.

Step 3: Block off the hate

You are going to receive hate. That is a fact. Try to prepare for angry people mentally. They will be calling you names, cursing you out or saying mean things to irritate you. They are doing so:

  1. For their entertainment
  2. To emotionally drain you and get personal satisfaction (haters)
  3. Because they had a bad day or stretch in their lives
  4. Because they are miserable in their own lives

Be forgiving. It comes with the territory. Most of the time, these people are not that bad; they want to express themselves and cannot weigh the consequences of their words. Try to ignore them if possible or do not drag yourself into meaningless wars of words, at least.

Step 4: Put a lot of effort into the first advertisements

When you are a recognised brand, you can set the rules and develop trends. However, during your start, be humble and try hard to impress the people who buy your advertisements. Try to find genuine benefits of the advertised product or service and share it with your audience.

Step 5: Do giveaways and prepare for a financial loss short-term

You have to spend, to earn. Be ready for expenditures and share prizes with your Instagram followers. Do giveaways and force engagement. This is a time-tested and simple way for attracting participation which will turn into real and committed followers later on. Influencers, especially those who want to expand, have to use up significant financial resources.

Step 6: Branch out

Not only Instagram but involve Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, as well as other platforms into your influencing. People are everywhere, and the more of them you reach, the more success you get. Branch out and share your content with the most considerable amount of people possible.

Step 7: Build your brand

Merchandise, services, apps, premium content, as well as other nuances, can help your influencing career. After you obtain around 10 thousand content-oriented followers (not ghosts or stalkers), you can begin branding and selling stuff. This will boost IG follower numbers and help you earn money at the same time.


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