Having Hard Time With Your Android’s Wi-Fi ?

Having Hard Time With Your Android’s Wi-Fi ?

You might already be worried about your friends coming to you for asking your Wi-Fi’s password. When you disclose your password (because you think he’s just a friend so why not to…), they can come to you to have their Android phone fixed to receive your network’s signal (even you don’t know whether the problem is in the phone, your router or something else). Today, you are going to learn about the most common Wi-Fi problems boasted by an Android device.

1. Network Never Gets Scanned!
There are mainly two reasons for your phone not being able to scan a network. If you want to connect to a Ad-Hoc network, you need to reconfigure your phone. As a side note, most of the networks are not Ad-Hoc in nature so just forget this. Likewise, any hidden network won’t be shown and for the same, you misunderstand that a Wi-Fi network is not being scanned. For solving the Ad-Hoc problem, you need to root your phone (which is not recommended) and patch the wpa_supplicant file on your phone so that the system becomes compatible with Ad-Hocs.

The easiest way to solve the ‘hidden network’ thing would be to ask your mate not to make the network hidden. Other than this, you should ask your friend to enter everything from SSID to Password correctly on your phone by using the ‘Add Network’ option and the hidden network won’t be hidden anymore.


2. Freaking Unstable Connection…
If you are facing this problem, you are probably one who doesn’t have a decent battery and have kept your phone in battery saving mode at its best. Your phone gets disconnected from Wi-Fi whenever it goes to sleep because the Wi-Fi also gets turned off to save some juice. To solve this problem, head to your phone’s settings and go for advanced Wi-Fi options and do this!

  •  Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep

However, remember that you might need to lose extra juice for remaining connected all the time.

Note: If you use third party juice savers like Battery Doctor and Du Battery Saver, you might need to check the settings of those apps, too.


3. Obtaining IP Address Forever!
Let’s not move deep inside how this problem occurs (maybe this is an Android bug so let Google take care of it).

The very first step to have this annoying problem fixed would be to restart your device. Secondly, you can restart the Wi-Fi router to see if that helps. There are a lot shouting that resetting your phone solves the problem but that’s not the right solution. Instead, you can install Wi-Fi Fixer (this app resets your Wi-Fi system files just like on Windows) and be hopeful. Last but not the least, you can go for a static IP address usage if you know the IP address being broadcast by the router. If nothing helps, you may buy a new phone.


4. Unable to Connect to Internet Via Wi-Fi?
Though the Wi-Fi symbol is filled, you might not be able to use the Internet. This mainly happens when the router is on a coffee break or something has gone wrong with the DNS settings. Just use another device such as your PC to see if the router is working. Likewise, you can also try your luck with the IP address or the gateway.

To sum up, be advised that there are quite a lot of Android Wi-Fi problems, which can arise without any music and you will be nothing but finding solutions to the problem you are facing. You just need to opt a ‘hit and trail’ drill and probably, the problem will be solved. But in fact, almost all the solutions mentioned above should work. And yeah, keep solving all these Android’s Wi-Fi problems!


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