Are you a 90’s kid who remembers playing Super Mario brothers or Pac-Man? You are quite astonished that how gaming industry is taking big leaps as the technology is improving day by day.

The games are quite fun to play with this evolving Technology and your gaming experience is very much good now.

Here in this article we are going to talk about the most imperative technological advancement and Evolutions in the gaming world.  Here you go:

Realistic graphics with 3D design

We all are aware of this fact that the original and old video games were two dimensional.  Which means that when you are playing the two-dimensional game then you can only move the character in a few directions.  For example, you can move the character backward, forward, up and down.

But now with the help of latest technology we have more realistic features, all because of the 3D design.  So now the developers of building the games in 3D, which means that you can play the game in more impressive looking and dynamic world.

We can say that we have a huge change here, as we are using realistic animation instead of the pixelated graphics.

Better gaming challenges with AI

AI means Artificial intelligence, this is another type of technology, which is helping us to improve the gaming experience. We know that AI is the part of the gaming world since the beginning, but now, its growth is providing us with more amazing gaming experience.

You will find the Artificial Intelligence quite crafty as we have this experience of playing with a real human being, when we are playing against computer. As the AI is getting cleverer day by day, so it will get you the real experience of whatever the game you are playing.

With the improved AI, you will be able to see that the games these days are more challenging, as compared to the past games.

The bots created in the AI technology are very clever, and these bots learn and change with the passage of time.

To add into your information, let me tell you that this bot is a very quick learner and can defeat you far faster than any other real human being can.

Multiplayer option with faster internet

We are playing the games online, and as the 90’s kid we know that this option was not available in the early, and mid 90’s.

You already are aware of the fact that when you are playing online, then many people can play with you, and can provide you with the realistic gaming experience.

We can say that you are playing with other people in the game, and they all are real.

Online casinos  are said to be the prime example of this phenomenon. Where the gamers can interact with the real dealers and both of them can have this virtual experience of casino.

Mobile gaming or portability

You can enjoy the games on your mobiles, which you were earlier playing in the Xbox or PC’s. You will be able to play the game as conveniently as you were playing on the PC.

You can download many more games on your mobile through the apps. The basic advantage of playing games on mobile is that you will not have to buy the expensive consoles and other needed things.

Moreover, you will also be able to play with your friends online through your smartphone.

The future – Virtual reality gaming

As far as the latest technology in terms of gaming is concerned, then we can say that virtual reality takes the charge. All of the technology mixed up and resulted in the virtual reality.

You will be able to interact with the game characters real time and can be the part of the game yourself.

All of this is possible with the help of the Virtual Reality headsets, and you will not have to hold any kind of console while you are playing.

Voice and facial recognition

With the help of the technology of 3D scanning, you can easily create the gaming character same like you. You can also add the emotions or the expressions in the character in order to look more real.

This is not it!

There is much to go!

Such as you will be able to use the voice recognition if the controller is not nearby and you are not able to pick it up.

You can easily interact with the friends or can turn the consoles off or on.

You will be able to make the system learn that how you move or do certain things, and in this way, you can easily make yourself detected by the system.

With all of these amazing features you can play the game in style.

What’s more to it? You can save yourself from the hassle of the codes and wires all around your room.

How amazing does it sound?

The capacity

When we are talking about the capacity, we definitely are not talking about the little bit of storage you have in your PC. But, we actually are talking about the unlimited cloud storage. You can easily free up your PC’s space and can transfer everything in your personal cloud storage.

Security and safety while playing

All of us are worried and concerned about the security and safety whenever we are playing online. Hackers can easily stalk or trace you when you are providing with your information online.

But, gone are the days when it was being done easily by the hackers. With thanks to the improved technology, all of the game developers are providing you with the safety and security features so that you can have the safe gaming experience.

You will appear anonymous when you are playing the online games and due to this there are no chances of the hackers stealing your information.

Moreover, all of your data will be coded and encrypted in order to protect your personal information.

End note

So, this was all about how the technology has changed the whole gaming experience for the gamers.


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