How to Choose the Right Mobile for Gaming Purposes

How to Choose the Right Mobile for Gaming Purposes

How to Choose the Right Mobile for Gaming Purposes

There is no gainsaying that 80% of the gaming that is done these days is done on mobile gadgets. That explains why as a game developer, you cannot make anything from your game if you do not design it to be responsive. The Smartphones have taken over communication and internet surfing all over the world due to size, mobility and other benefits. However, for you to enjoy playing your scatter slots game wherever you wish and whenever you feel like, you have to get mobiles that can guarantee you good gaming.

Features of Mobile devices That Are Good for Gaming

  1. Size

This is actually the number one consideration to make when choosing the mobile device for your games. Some features of the mobile devices, like the fact that they can be carried around easily and that their batteries last longer makes them a better option. But the display size is something to worry about because everyone wants to see clearer and bolder images. Because of this, you should not only consider the type of screens but the resolution too. Whether Gorilla glass, Amoled or HD, you should go for something within the range of 1080 x 1920 pixels and 370 pixels per inch (PPI). After the resolution, the size also matters. So, go for something with 4 inches screen and above, but be sure that the bigger screen size will drain the battery easily.

  1. GPU

This is the next thing to consider when choosing a mobile for gaming. There are some android mobile devices that come with GPUs that are specially enhanced for better gaming experience.  These dedicated GPUs will make your gaming experience smooth and make the sounds and graphics clearer. Consider this before you buy, and also know that dual core processor Smartphones are better for games.

  1. Operating System

The operating system is the next thing to consider. Most of the old operating systems don’t have the updates that make gaming more fun and enjoyable. That is why you have to check and ensure that you are getting phones with the latest OS. For instance, gaming is made more exciting with the new Marshmallow for android devices.

  1. Storage

You should also consider the amount of storage space the phone comes with. If you are to download a lot of games on your phone, you have to get one that will have enough space to contain them. Get one that won’t break down because of much load. Something within the range of 4GB RAM and 32 to 64GB of external storage will be great.

  1. Battery life

This is another important aspect here. Gaming comes with sounds and a lot of graphics. This is to say that nothing drains the battery of the phone more than it. So, you have to go for phones with very high battery life.

  1. Application Availability

This is another thing to consider. There are dedicated online stores for different operating systems. The video games available on those stores and their prices also vary. So, you have to consider this and ensure that the games you love will be in the store of the phone you are purchasing and will be affordable to you too.




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