How to Craft the Best Instagram Bios for Your Business

How to Craft the Best Instagram Bios for Your Business

Instagram is all the rage in social media marketing these days. Obviously with 700 million active users on Instagram who wouldn’t want to include it in its marketing strategy. Instagram with such big family of users helps your business reach your potential customers. But for that, you need to tell them what you’ve got to offer to your followers.

On Instagram, your profile gets very little space to grab someone’s or especially your potential customer’s attention. You need to make your profile more appealing to your targeted audience in that given area. The central part of that space is your bio. That’s why many social media experts stressed on crafting best Instagram bios for your business on Instagram.

Based on the importance of your bio section on Instagram, I am going to talk about some tips on how to craft best bios for your business.

Tip # 1: Your Business Name

The first and foremost part of your bio is your highlight that is the first line of your bio, and it is in bold by default. By default in this space, Instagram fills in your name, but you can change it according to what you like. As your headline is the place where your bio starts you should add your name here, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative here. You can always spice up things here by adding up your industry or niche with your name. Adding up something you are known for in particular etc. For instance, if you are a fashion blogger, you can add this after your name in bio, so people would know what you are. And your target audience will also be able to search for you by your profession.

Tip # 2:  Your Business Description

The next comes the body of your bio. A good Instagram business bio tells what your business is all about and what you do. It includes everything that your business is offering to its potential customers. Tell your targeted audience the value they will get from your business.

When you want to stand out from your competitors, think about all the ways your business sets you apart from your competitors and briefly explains them in your bio. It will help you explain your business to new viewers and also to gain followers on Instagram fast. Add keywords in describing your business that is relevant to your industry and niche. Your bio can convert new viewers into your potential customers as when they will notice the bio that is most relevant to what they were looking for they will follow you and actively gets their selves engage with your business.

Another way of making your profile bio more appealing is by adding relevant emojis. Don’t overuse them; just keep the balance where your bio still looks professional.

Tip # 3: Hashtags in Your Bio

The next tip for crafting best bio for your business is to add Hashtags in it. On Instagram, Hashtags are the best way to put your business towards your targeted audience, it increases the discoverability of your profile, locate relevant audience and connect with them. Many social media experts have advised adding Hashtags that are relevant and trending in your industry to make your business easier to find for your targeted audience.

Tip # 4: Contact Details

Once you have done adding name, skills, description, emojis to your bio the next step is to add contact details in your bio. People when visit your profile may want to contact you, for that you need to add your contact details like your website link/URL, your email address and directions to your office if you have one. And to add all of these, your profile bio is the best place. Don’t forget to add these details as these are the gateways to convert your viewers into your potential customers.

So, these were some tips you need to take into consideration when writing a bio for your business profile. Now it is up to you how you play with your words and format editing to add more creativity to your bio and make it more appealing for your potential customers. Your bio is the best way to make you discoverable to your targeted audience and gain more followers on Instagram fast. So make most of this space and keep Instagramming!


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