How to find out that your PC or Mac is infected?

How to find out that your PC or Mac is infected?

Is your personal computer or mac device is acting weirdly these days? And you are not sure why is it happening? The reason behind this could be a virus or malware that has infected your system and thus, unexpected things are happening with you and your device.

Having said that, it is not always easy to recognize that the PC or Mac device could be infected with a virus or malware. However, there are certain symptoms of a device getting infected by a virus or malware, which you can look for to figure it out.

In case if your system is actually infected with a virus, you can make use of a good antivirus solution like Avast Antivirus to make sure that everything gets on track. Following are the top signs that indicate your system is infected.

  1. Unwanted Pop-up Windows

When the computer or laptop gets infected by a virus, you will see many pop-up windows on your system, telling you about the security threats on your PC. You will receive many advertising pop-up windows when you are in the middle of some important work. This is the most common sign of a system being infected with a malware or virus.

2.System Slows Down

Systems slow down for a number of different reasons, one of which is the infection due to the virus. If the PC is indeed infected by malware, spyware, adware, or a virus, they tend to run the different task in the background which can consume a lot of your PC resources. Thus, causing the system to run slowly as compared to normal operations.

3.Redirect to Unknown Websites

Another symptom that can be commonly seen when a system gets infected with a virus, is a regular redirect of users to unknown websites that they did not request while browsing information on the internet. If you find yourself on a website that you did not intend to visit, it is probably happening due to virus infection.

4.Missing Files and Folders

There are certain malware and viruses that can actually delete the data, including files and folders on your PC, without you actually knowing it. If this has happened with you recently or in the past, then you must consider installing an antivirus immediately. Possibilities are that you can lose more of your files and folders stored on an infected system.

5.Certain Application Won’t Start

In case if you see that some of the applications are not opening up when you are trying to access them, it is again due to the infection of the virus. To ensure that nothing of this sorts happens to you, it is recommended to get a good antivirus solution as soon as possible, to make sure that the system works perfectly fine.

These are some of the top signs that can provide a hint to the user that his/her personal computer is infected and needs a good antivirus or anti-malware solution like Avast Antivirus to offer complete protection.


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