How to keep your smartphone data secure

How to keep your smartphone data secure

Like all computers, even smartphones have its security flaws. There have been many smartphone breaches, and it is essential that the smartphone is secured for known reasons. There is personal data which when the smartphone is stolen or lost, all the data will be lost. Maybe there will be the chances of hacking the personal information from the website pages, visited on the smartphone.

On a regular basis, we rely too much on technology. Besides, this is the only gadget with updated technology and screen. It makes the data accessible even to the interest of the masses. The data stored on the phone has much higher value than the hardware. There are many ways for a secured smartphone, but following a few steps will improve furthest. There is no silver line to protect the mobile device entirely other than working on it.

Furthermore, with the rise of mobile malware, users need to continually watch and ensure that the presence of phones is secured.

Secure the Lockscreen

Without attending the phone and leaving it on the desk for a few seconds can lead to losing all the sensitive data. Which is why it is better to allow the lock screen security that helps to keep the smartphone away from undesired users. This is the more secure and pretty feature where every smartphone has it. While designing, manufacturers know the importance of privacy of the users. So, they will design it accordingly.

Hackers even try to break the lock screen by trying different passcodes. But to keep it even more securely enable the functionality which erases all the information from the smartphone after many failed attempts.

On the iPhone, it can be enabled in the settings tab. Go to general and click on passcode Lock and in that select Erase data.

In Android, this feature is not available by default. But can be enabled by using free apps.

Connect to VPN while using on Public WiFi

It is simple to shop, bank and post status and photos online. There is no need of going to the bank physically or store or travel distances to meet friends or family members who are scattered all around the country. The only disadvantage of using smartphones is that the data or the information is travelled all through the internet. It is a straight way of doing things between the user and the site.

The data goes through all the different servers around the country and even the world. This gives an opportunity for hackers to steal personal credentials. To secure the encryption use an iPhone VPNs and Android VPNs which lets the user create a connection which is encrypted using one of the servers and makes the browsing secured. Even the VPN cannot see the site traffic as it is encrypted via a server. However, it is a bit complicated but this is the solution for online anonymity and privacy.

Hold on with the professional app store

It is better to use the official store like Google play store, instead of relying on the unofficial websites. Every Android app undergoes severe security testing before publishing on Google play store. For this reason, a third-party app cannot make its way into the Google play store, which doesn’t have any security checks. However, apps which are downloaded from unofficial sites often have viruses like malware or spyware in their software codes.

Update the operating system

There are often changes and tweaks to mobile software by smartphone brands. These updates are about essential security fixes which protect the data from hackers and for adding new functionality. Frequently update the smartphone to know and secure it with firmware.

Follow these steps to update Android: Click on settings>and select the software updates by scrolling down. On few smartphones, users need to click on system and go through the updates page.

On iPhone open settings and go to general and click on software updates.

If the phone is to be updated have the internet connectivity and plug the phone. Ensure to have a battery charged up to 50% and more for completing the downloading process.

Install Phone Locating Apps

It is one of the scariest things, being the smartphone stolen or lost. Much of the personal information is stored in, and users don’t want it to get into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, if the user faces such problem there are chances of getting the gadget back using some of the apps.

In Apple, there is an app called find my iPhone which is free and can be downloaded from the app store. If the phone is lost, log in to the Apple ID from any other device and see the location on the map where the phone is. Getting it is effortless and this app allows to erase all the content and settings.

In Android, there is a device manager which is also free to download from the Google Play store. In this also log in to the account from any other device and track the location. This app also allows wiping the phone clean, erasing the phone data and resetting the lock screen password.

Install Antivirus

Google play protect app does a better job of scanning the device and making it clear of all the malware. But for extra protection, it is always better to install a third-party antivirus which identifies the known risks and prevents them from attacking the device or data. There are some free and paid apps which provide good offerings also for Mobile Antivirus and Security. there are much affordable too.

Know about phishing

Always be cautious about the personal data, text messages, emails, phone calls asking about personal information, and login credentials. A secured bank or a reliable e-commerce site will never ask to log in from the emails. If it happens then it will be surely a spam, and possibility of being directed to a fake site where the criminal activity goes on. If this unexpected thing happens then, there is every possibility of harvesting the passwords and login details.

In the same way, never give out the information of the address and the ID number to the people who call and claim to be the banker or any other institution. Unless it is from a reliable and trustworthy person.


On the whole, every smartphone is designed with a secured feature and includes many functionalities to protect the personal data from hackers and scammers. Even with this cyber-criminals are rising and targeting mobile devices because it contains much valuable information and even social media logins. Always turn off the settings like location services, Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC’s and even the mobile data when it is not used. This measure will not only save the battery but also gives less access to the hackers.

Follow the measures and advice above to be likely affected by risks on mobile phones. At the same time, it is vital to remain cautious and vigilant for unusual situations, behaviour and ensure that the devices stay safe.


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