How to Make Your Exit Interview Count

How to Make Your Exit Interview Count

How to Make Your Exit Interview Count

Companies that utilize the exit interview when an employee resigns can gain valuable and honest insight into some of the things that may be impacting the organization’s success. Making the right staffing decisions can help accounting recruiters attract better talent and retain your top employees. As one of the top Los Angeles accounting recruiters in the industry, we recommend following these tips to make your exit interviews benefit your company.

Make Exit Interviews a Common Practice

First, your organization should make the exit interview standard operating procedure for any employees leaving the company. When your staff knows what to expect ahead of time, you can get more out of the exit interview process.

Get Help From a Neutral Party

Sometimes, it’s difficult to get real, honest feedback from a former employee. You can combat this issue by using a neutral third party to conduct your exit interviews. When someone not connected with your organization administers the interview, you have a better chance of personal feelings and past history not getting in the way of useful input.

Ensure Confidentiality

Having a third party involved in the exit interview process can also help ensure confidentiality. This way, your former employees will feel more compelled to be upfront and honest about the challenges they experienced while working for you.

Give Employees Time to Reflect

We also recommend you conduct your exit interviews a few weeks after an employee’s last day of work. Leaving a company can be an overwhelming and emotional process. Giving people time to reflect can help you reach your goals.

Take Action With the Information

Lastly, if you want your exit interviews to be effective, you have to take action. When you see trends in the data from former employees, take steps to fix the problems.

If you want to learn more about maximizing your exit interview process, contact us today by calling 1-844-500-8100. Here at Beacon Resources, we can help you do more with your recruiting practices.


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