How to make games run faster on your smartphone

How to make games run faster on your smartphone

If you have a smartphone, then it’s highly likely that you have a game or two on your device. When you first purchased your device, the hunch is, you played any game without difficulty. However, with time, games that usually ran smoothly start to stutter and drag during gameplay. For people who play games for profit, (if you aren’t playing for profit yet you need to try your luck at Novibet online casino) a slow device can be the architect of missed opportunities and loss-making. It is imperative therefore that you keep your device performing at its very best. In order to do this, you need to consider the following tweaks.

Adjust Android Developer Options

Adjusting Android Developer Options is a proven strategy that will make your smartphone run games smoothly. In adjusting the developer options, you need to select the Force 4x MSSA (Multi-sample anti-aliasing) option. When you select this option, your device will run the games at the best quality available. You need to take the following steps in order to select the Force 4x MSSA (Multi-sample anti-aliasing) option. Go to your device’s settings. Scroll down to the ‘About Device/Phone’ button and click it. Scroll down again to the ‘Build Number’ button and click repeatedly the button seven times. Once done, return to the main Settings page and click on the Developer Options button. Under the Developer Options tab, search for Animations. By default, the Animations tab will be turned off so you need to turn it on. Once you turn it on, a drop-down list is presented, scroll down to the ‘Force 4x MSSA (Multi-sample anti-aliasing) option’ and turn it on to enable your device to run games faster. Note, however, that this option will drain your battery double than its normal usage.

Disable background services

There are services on your smartphone that automatically enable themselves when you turn on your device and there are those services which remain enabled even after you exit them especially social media apps and email services. These background apps drain your battery and ram memory thereby affecting the performance of your device during your gaming session. To improve your smartphone’s performance, you, therefore, need to disable these background services first before you load your game. To disable these background services, proceed to your device’s Settings menu. Under the ‘Apps’ tab, search for ‘Processes’ or ‘Running Services’. Select a few or all of the running services and disable them.

Install 3rd Party Game boosting Apps

You can also make use of third-party game boosting apps that are created solely for the purpose of improving your gaming experience by improving your device’s performance. For Samsung users, they might not need to install any third party game boosting apps as most device’s especially modern ones come with the Game Launcher, a service created solely for improving the performance of your device during gaming. If you so wish or if you do not have a Samsung device you can download and install apps such as Systweak Android Cleaner, Game Booster 3, DU Speed Booster or Swift Gamer. These apps will temporarily adjust your device’s settings to enhance your gaming experience.


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