How to Make the Most of your Old Smartphone

How to Make the Most of your Old Smartphone

How to Make the Most of your Old Smartphone

The first smartphone, Apple’s legendary iPhone, was released a decade ago. During this time, smartphones have evolved at an incredible pace. Each year, new models with ever-improving capabilities have been released. This has led to an interesting situation: smartphones today have an average replacement cycle of 11.5 months. The new phones released always push the price of older models down, which means that selling them at the right price is often out of the question. If your operator doesn’t offer you a buy-back variant, sometimes you can be stuck with a perfectly functional smartphone that lays unused in one of your drawers. But what if you could give them a new life, repurposing them into something specific? Here are 3 tips on how to make the most of your old smartphone.

A pocket-sized gaming console

Playing on your phone is great but puts a strain on its battery. This can lead to the unpleasant surprise of running out of juice, which is especially bad if you don’t have a power outlet at hand. A smartphone that’s a few years old can double as a pocket-sized gaming console, allowing you to preserve your current phone’s battery for other purposes.

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A universal remote

Some smartphone models still come with infrared emitters on them – these make perfect universal remote controls. With the help of the right apps, you can use them to control your TV, your media center, and whatever other devices might use such technology. Some computer programs can also be remotely controlled by your smartphone – Kodi, the popular media center software, accepts commands from your smartphone via WiFi. The apps allowing this function will run on a wide range of hardware and operating system versions, so even a smartphone model a few years old can be repurposed as a remote control.

Pocket-sized media player

Listening to music from your smartphone can drain its batteries quite quickly. You can, in turn, use your old smartphone as a music player, allowing you to save your current phone’s battery for calls and internet browsing. Some older phones – even “dumb” phones – work great as portable music players, allowing you to enjoy your music for longer, and still save your battery power for other things.


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