How To Master The Strategies Of Solitaire

How To Master The Strategies Of Solitaire

So you want to be a master of solitaire, but you don’t know how. Much like chess, there are strategies that present themselves depending on what your moves are, or in this case, what cards you are dealt. With each draw from the deck, your “opponent” is playing a different move, and you need to find the most logical, long-term way to get around it.


Solitaire Master Habits

Solitaire is an immensely logical and cognitive game. You’ll be using up mathematical abilities, exercising your mind, and sharpening your skills just by playing. The number one habit of a master solitaire player, like many other logical games, is consistency. Even if you fall off the wagon for a single day, you run the risk of tumbling over and struggling to regain your footing.

You want to be a master of solitaire strategies and tricks, however, reading guides is not the answer. You have to put your money where your mouth is, and play, play, play. It’s possible to see things from a different angle when you ask other solitaire masters what their methods are, their successes are, or their experiences are, but you won’t be able to truly learn unless you apply that knowledge through practice.

Consistency will be your foundation, and making mistakes will be your silent teacher. Monitor every single move, and note when you make mistakes. Think about the alternate options you could have taken that may have led to victory, or at the very least, a different outcome, and try again.

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