How To Nurture Happy and Productive Employees

How To Nurture Happy and Productive Employees

Businesses rely on their employees to be productive and move business along.  Your employees need to be empowered to be successful.  Proper nurturing can help you to maintain a happy and productive workforce that operates as a team.  How exactly do you do this though?  Let’s take a look at how a millennial employee can be inspired.

Instill A Mission

Having a mission statement is part of being a business but a mission statement by itself doesn’t do anything.  Most employees don’t even learn the mission statement of their company.  There are two reasons for this.   Mission statements tend to be long and wordy, something that doesn’t lend itself to memorization.  Second, your mission statement probably isn’t lived.

Every day should be a new day to follow through on your mission statement.  This is part of why a simple mission statement is needed, so that you can show that you are working towards it every day.

Create A Team Not Employees

You should always aim to build a team and not just employees.  By creating a team you are nurturing a group that works together and knows when they need to ask for help.  They learn each other’s weaknesses and strengths.  Teams operate fluidly while employees operate like cogs, which do you want your business to be?

Nurture A Healthy Culture

Along the same lines of creating a team, you should work to nurture a healthy culture in your workplace.  Just telling your employees that your business is a great place to work won’t do anything.  You need to show them.  Offer your team competitive benefits, time off, and a fun place to work.  But most importantly, offer your team progress.  Progress and success will help you to develop a positive culture as long as you know where to give and take.

Encourage Breaks

Your breaks are something that employees are used to having to sneak in.  Most employers want their employees at their desk as much as possible.  Studies show that regular breaks can help a worker to refocus better.  Sitting at a desk all day working can also be a serious health problem, it is important to get up and walk.

Up and coming businesses are including break areas in workspaces such as pool tables, Video Games with cheat codes,  couches, kitchens, and gaming centers.  A properly motivated employee who is happy to be at work every day will monitor their own break time and be successful.

Create Customizable Workspaces

Each employee will have their own idea of what they want their workspace to be like.  Even cubicle spaces can be customized as to where the desk goes and the exact nature of the area.  Another option is to have an open office space and allow employees to move around their workspaces, some top businesses use this practice.

Reduce The Number Of Emails

Emails have become a nuisance in the workplace.  Studies show that employees get so much email every day that they start to miss, or ignore emails.  By cutting back on the number of emails that are sent out, you are ensuring that every email gets seen to maximize productivity.

Many employees also feel the need to check emails at home and by reducing email, you are cutting the chances employees will check their email at home.

Create A Feedback Network

How do you know if something is wrong if there isn’t a platform put in place for employees to give honest feedback?  You need to create a feedback network to help your employees express when there is a problem with the workplace.  This includes when there is something that may hinder productivity.  It also allows you to detect things that may be making your team members unhappy.

At the same time that you need employees to give you feedback, you need to give them feedback.  If there is a problem with someone’s performance, it won’t enhance itself.  People need constructive feedback in order to learn and grow as team members.  A simple feedback and performance program is easy to set up and can increase your productivity astronomically.

Remembering that your team members are the backbone to your business is key.  By working with your team members you can increase their productivity and happiness.  At the end of the day, by implementing at least some of these tips, you will have a stronger business.


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