How to reset your Android phone when locked out

How to reset your Android phone when locked out

We’ve all been there, you have entered your pattern way too many times on your Android device and now of course you are locked out. You can’t remember the pattern and mow you are stuck. What do you do? The device is asking for Google account details which you have previously synced your smartphone with for the first time you turned it on. The chances are that you have forgotten the login details or the device is refusing to accept the login details for whatever reason. Do not worry, everything is not lost yet and there is a way to fix the situation. If you wish to get rid of the pattern lock you simply can’t remember, but still haven’t been completely locked out, your luck is about to change.

Things you have to note first
Do not remove your SIM or battery because that will not fix the problem. If you do the hard reset that will definitely solve all your worries, but, on the other hand, cause some new ones, such as erasing all personal data from your device. It won’t be a problem downloading the apps you had, but all the personal data and texts will be lost without a chance of retrieving. If you use Android Debug Bridge will help but not on a wide scale. It will only disable the pattern lock in a case where you were not already locked out generally and did not enter the pattern too many times.

What is left for you to do?
You can enter your email address into your smartphone and enter “null” into the password field but without the speech marks. The device will ask for a new pattern and once you do that, you will have your phone fully operational again (all your data will be intact).
However, there are cases when that just won’t work. What then?
In case if you have uppercase letters within your password or e-mail address, then try to enter them in lower case. If you have USB Debugging enabled on your smartphone and you did not go overboard with too many pattern attempts, you can disable the pattern lock using the ADB.

Disabling pattern lock via ADB
To be able to do this, the USB Debugging had to be previously enabled. All you have to do now is download and then extract the Android SDK. Once you have done that, plug your smartphone into your PC. Find the command line “navigate”. From there locate folder “Tools” where you should be able to see the adb.exe. If you have followed all the steps carefully, you should now enter adb-d shell.  Turn your device off and then turn it back on, everything should be fine now.
What if everything is not fine? Well, even it is quite rear, but it happens occasionally and things do not turn out as we expect them to, the only thing you can do now is the factory reset or so-called hard reset. But let’s hope that won’t be necessary.


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