How to Unlock Android Phone Pattern Lock

How to Unlock Android Phone Pattern Lock

The pattern lock tool that is built-in Android smartphones is very useful in adding extra security to such devices. But when you by chance forgot the security pattern and can’t unlock the device, it can be very frustrating. Having such security measures is very important in protecting sensitive data in android devices.

Forgotten Security Pattern

Though this security tool is fairly easy to use, several wrong attempts may lock the device permanently. This is certainly a big problem, especially if you rely on your device in getting through your life’s busy schedule. Fortunately, if ever you forget the needed security pattern there is a way to reset and unlock your android device’s lock pattern as long as you can access your Gmail account.

Unlocking Pattern Without Google Account

How to Unlock Android Phone Pattern Lock 2

Knowing how to properly reset and unlock your android device’s lock pattern is essential in assuring continuous use. If ever you did use up your allowed chances in unlocking the device, and really forgotten the lock pattern, just simply follow these steps:

  1. The first step is to turn off your android device, and wait for a couple of seconds before proceeding to the next step.
  2. The next step is to press and hold the Home Key, Volume up, and the Power Button buttons together and wait until the device boots up. If in case your device does not have any home button, hold the power key and volume up key together.
  3. A DOS like screen will appear with different options and by using the volume key in order to select up and down, depending on your device’s settings, scroll down and select “Delete all User Data” or “Restore Factory Defaults”.
  4. After selecting the above settings, scroll down and select “Reboot System Now”, this will reboot the device and will allow you to set a new security pattern.

Unlocking Pattern with Google Account

How to Unlock Android Phone Pattern Lock 3

If you don’t want to do a device reboot and you already tried different patterns and still can’t unlock your device, usually five attempts, the following steps will guide you how to access your locked device:

  1. After several attempts a message will pop-up which will allow you to choose from two buttons, either “next” or “try again”. Select the “next” button and two ways in unlocking the device will be shown (“security question” and “provide Google account details”).
  2. If you were able to set your security question in your Google account, select this option and simply provide the correct answer and unlock the device quickly.
  3. If you didn’t set a security question, or forgotten the correct answer also, select the Google account button and then click “next”. After providing the Google account details (username and password) that are attached to the device, select “sign in”.
  4. You will be then directed to reset and choose a new security pattern and unlock the device with it.

After following this tutorial, you can regain access to your device as the security pattern lock is either has been disabled, or you will be given a chance to change it completely. These steps can save you much time and get you be connected with your Android device again in no time.


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