How to Use IQ Trading App (Guideline)

How to Use IQ Trading App (Guideline)

IQ option continues to witness exponential growth and expansion. Its popularity means that every trader worth their salt is headed there. It’s also the very reason the platform now has a trading app which allows it to be more accessible to worldwide traders.

You can download and install the IQ trading app on a variety of devices, including Android and Apple iOS devices. The app comes with comprehensive features which allow users to trade more successfully. From the easy-to-read graphs to more detailed information and tools, all you need is a few simple clicks to get you right in the game.

Here is step by step guide on how to use IQ trading app.

Downloading the IQ Option App

Getting started requires you to visit the IQ Option download page. The IQ Option app is readily available in both the Apple app store as well as Google store if at all you are using an android device.

Signing Up

There are several options for owning an IQ Option app trading account. An easy one includes signing up either on Facebook or Google. You can also create an account by only using your email address. All you need to do is provide all the necessary details, including a secure password.

Then, you also have an option to start learning with your demo account. But if you are confident enough, you can immediately top up the Real account to start trading live. Your practice account comes with an already $10 virtual money, that can be replenished, while your Real account reads zero until you do the topping up.

Different Types of Accounts

The app offers you two account options; Real and VIP account.

  • Real Account: Real account requires you to have a starting $10 deposit. It consists of more than 500 assets, and traders have complete access to all trading opportunities.
  • VIP Account: It comes with a much higher precise tag of $ 3000. The more executive, an account like this one, is, the more privileges traders can enjoy. For example, this account comes with a personal manager, and withdrawals are enabled in 24 hours. It also boasts of more than 500 trading assets

If you are a newbie, the best strategy is to use the demo account so that you get to understand how the platform works, without making any initial deposits.

Apart from the full range of educational materials, you can also do extensive research elsewhere to excel when it comes to real live trading. Traders have access to more than $10,000 of virtual funds in their demo account, which can also be replenished.

IQ Option App Trading Platform

The platform is quite simple to navigate and use. It comes with full features which also comprise of the trading instruments. The first noticeable thing that you might recognize is the asset, which is being traded at that period, and it appears at the top of the interface.

The asset could be anything from a currency pair to indices. Other than that, each asset that is displayed features a current profit margin.

The platform also comes with a clock symbol, which is conveniently situated on the right hand of the screen. You are supposed to use this timer to set the duration of the trade.

You also have to be keen on the expiry time of the trade. It is usually marked in a red line on the graph. You can always see that the white line which is displayed before the red line indicates the deadline before the trade expires.

There is also a space on the right-hand side that allows you to deposit the minimum amount that you would like to invest. Usually, the minimum investment is just $1. The interface also features several links to charts and customer support. You can also check the trading history.

IQ App Payment Options

There are several payment options which you can use for deposits and withdrawals. Deposits are made as follows:

The minimum deposit is $10

– The first deposit needs you to go through the account verification process, including upload of the photo.

You can use debit/credit cards, or such money transfer services as Skrill, WebMoney, Cash U, and Neteller. You can also do a wire transfer.

Withdrawal Methods

The withdrawal methods are similar to those of deposits, which include the use of Skrill, WebMoney, and others. You can also initiate your withdrawal via bank transfer.

It takes about 3 business days, regardless of the method you are using, to complete the process. You also need to go through an account verification process, for you to initiate, and access your funds.

Analysis Techniques

There are two main analysis methods that you can use on the platform to help you in executing successful trades. These are Overall Performance Analysis and Technical Analysis.

Overall Performance Analysis: This one focuses mainly on the asset you want to trade. You can use the technique to study and monitor those companies of the assets you are buying. If you are dealing in stocks, then you need to examine carefully the company whose shares you are dealing with to know how it’s performing.

Technical Analysis allows you to analyze trends ad past patterns of the asset. You can easily predict the future performance of the asset based on historical data and momentum.


If you are really keen to know how to use the IQ trading app, the above steps can come in quite handy. The app couldn’t have come at a better time, mostly because the platform boasts of a much bigger subscriber base in the industry.

The trading platform can now reach its global audience more quickly. Both computer and mobile-based traders can conveniently do live trading from anywhere and at any time. The interface is so user-friendly that anyone, including newbies, can start trading within a short time after the download and signup.

Most of the trading instruments which are found on the main platform can also be accessed via the app. Again, the push notifications allow traders to set necessary trading levels, and they can easily get timely alerts when there is a breach.


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