How To Use Matched Betting To Make Risk-Free Money And Make Living

How To Use Matched Betting To Make Risk-Free Money And Make Living

This Risk-free money system is like scoring an empty goal; you can not fail. The Risk-free Matched Betting represents the dream of every bettor: win without risk, Insurance and whatever happens. If it’s in the great classic of football, it does not matter whether Barça, Madrid or both tie. If it’s tennis, it does not matter if Federer defeats Djokovic or the Croatian goes through the stone to the Swiss. Lakers vs. Bulls? What else can you write down more baskets! If you understand the make money from free bets today tricks post, you do not need to check the results of matches tomorrow. In the end, you have a green. You have gained insurance, without risking anything.

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The Requirement You Can Not Skip

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The Indispensable Condition For Making A Risk-Free Matched Betting

To perform arbitration or coverage with benefit assured, there must be a very particular condition: that the spread of quotas is negative. For this to happen, the sum of the implied probabilities of all possible outcomes in the match must be less than 100%. For example, let’s take the following quotas in matches of the Spanish soccer league:


1    X    2

Match 1    Athlеtіс Bіlbао vѕ. Vаlеnсіа CF           2.2    4.1    4.3

Match 2    Sevilla CF vs Atlétісо dе Madrid    3    3    2.5

If we calculate the implied probabilities of both parties and add them up we obtain the following values:

Implicit Probability

1    X    2  Sum

Match 1    Athlеtіс Bilbao vѕ Valencia CF            45.5%    24.4%    23.3%    93.1%

Match 2    Sеvіllа CF vѕ Atlétісо dе Mаdrіd    33.3%    33.3%    40.0%    106.7%

Note that the sum of these probabilities in the quotas of the first party throws 93.1%, while that of the second party is 106.7%. In the first case, in which this sum does not reach 100%, we can make a safe bet. In the second case, if they exceed 100%, no. Recall that the spread is what exceeds 100% of this sum, so in practice in the match between Athletic and Valencia, we will have a negative spread, while in Sevilla against Atlético this is positive.

Now, the spread represents the margin or profitability of the bookmaker, so it is not worth trying a fortune with the quotas of a single bookie at a given time. It will be positive, sure. Therefore, to carry out this strategy you will have to compare quotas from several different houses. Or, at least, do it at different points in time. In this is the difference between arbitrage itself, and hedging in trading: when they are executed. But in the end, the method to apply is the same.

Giving the right party and quotas is the first part of the job. The second is to put the right amount of money into each outcome. If we play money more or less, we will not secure the profit, or we will have a great asymmetry between what we get in one result or another. So the key to betting with Risk-free is on selecting the right stakes, that is, the money assigned to each of the results. To find this value, we must impose that the prize obtained in all cases of hypothetical success is the same.

Let’s see how to do this.

Risk-Free Matched Betting With Two Results

Let’s start with the simplest case. Let’s imagine that we are betting on a situation with only two possible outcomes, for example, who will be the winner of a Champions League final between Bayern Munich and Chelsea:

Bayern’s victory: share 2.2 – implicit probability of 45.4%

Chelsea Triumph: Quota 2 – Implied Probability of 50%

The sum of total probabilities is less than 100%, so our strategy is valid. Since the prize is the product between quota and stake.

That is, if we assign a figure in favor of the English, what we must play by the Germans will be automatically established, with numbers, if we choose to bet 10 euros to Chelsea, for Bayern we must play:

You want to Stake Bayern = 10 x 2 / 2.2 = 9.09 euros

Let’s check the system. In total, we will have spent 19.09 euros between the two plays, so it will turn out that:

If Bayern wins, we will have a prize of 2.2 x 9.09 = 20 euros.

If the result favors Chelsea, the total prize will be 2 x 10 = 20 euros.

As bettors, we will always have a prize of 20 euros after a total outlay of 19.09. So we get 0.91 euros insurance, whichever happens. Although it does not seem like much, we are talking about a profitability of almost 5% from one day to another. Try to calculate the APR; you will see that you will get stratospheric and without risking anything.

Final word

A sure bet or Risk-free Matched Betting is one that guarantees us the profit regardless of the outcome. Its execution depends on our expertise in finding favorable combinations of quotas, and for this, we have no choice but to look for them in different betting houses. So, again, having accounts in various bookies is an imperative condition to take advantage of these strategies. And even if we apply the method to hedges for trading, it’s still interesting to diversify the disposition of our funds and distribute them in several houses. Thus we will have the possibility to choose the best quotas, and increase our profitability.


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