How to Use PC’s Internet Connection on Android Device

How to Use PC’s Internet Connection on Android Device

You would probably aware with connect your computers with your smartphone, to use phone’s internet connection on your PC. Here we talk about the “reverse connecting” and let you know how to connect your android phone or tablet to your PC to use computer’s internet connection.

Note: To do this you need a rooted Android phone and a Windows PC, but keep in mind the steps are easy if your computer has WiFi to create WiFi hotspot using a utility connection.


Before we start using this utility, you must have USB debugging enabled on your android device. For this go to Settings >> Applications >> Development >> Check USB Debugging. Might be you would also disable SuperUser access notifications, for this go to SuperUser App >> Menu >> Performances >> uncheck Notifications.

Tip: In case you don’t see the SuperUser app on your phone, it means your phone is not rooted.

You also require installing device’s USB driver on your computer after getting from device manufacturer or finding it on Google.


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This is a Windows utility that uses ADB (Android Debug Bridge) that shares PCD’s Internet connection with your Android device using USB. It uses a duplicate of ADB, so you might not need the Android SDK installed on your computer. Download it from here.

Download and extract the downloaded file and run the AndroidTool.exe application inside its folder.


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Plug your android device to your PC with USB cable, than go to Select a device >> drop-down box >> click Connect on “Android Reverse Tethering Tool”. Once it connected to your android device it installs Busybox and Redsocks on on your phone. Go to SuperUser and allow the USB Tunnel tool on your device.

At this stage if you face a crash close, you might have to repeat the above shared process again. Or keep clicking on “Kill ADB” on the Tools tab that may re-launch ADB process. As the tool manage to create a connection you wills see connection notification.


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Once it got set up after following above shared steps, open the apps and use internet. This way you can use your Android device forward network circulation with USB cable to your PC, which help you to use your computer’s Internet connection. The Windows application will keep showing all information about the connections.

The above shared method is to use internet on your android device if you don’t have a WiFi connection or 3G facility on your android device. Otherwise to use internet through network 3G connection or WiFi would be the best solution for you. This way you would have to stay stick with your PC as your phone will be connected to your computer with USB cable as this method is to transfer data through cable not over the air.


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