HTC Re camera gives you One-Hand Shot Experience

HTC Re camera gives you One-Hand Shot Experience

HTC announced the RE camera in the 2014, now it comes to the hands. Its 16-megapixel wide-angle lens camera featured device and fulfilled their promises to bring great pictures quality. The RE camera is a real-life device and allows you to hands on your camera with ease and for long term.

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You can enjoy much more fun using this device, RE camera allows you a take high-quality pictures by just paying $1.99 that would not be a great amount for you if you are looking for a camera that contains all you need. The RE is a great start by HTC with a release of non-smartphone device.

You will be glad to know a unique feature of this device, which is its waterproofed capability that can be used in each weather condition. The major focus of HTC was to give the users one-hand operations.

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Another great feature of this camera, it will automatically turn on when you picked it up.

This single button device has a number of features that brings all in one if you want a handy camera that can bring anywhere you want. There are some accessories can be bought with the device to make its use more comfortable and give you an incredible experience of photo shooting.

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The HTC has also released RE camera app for the users that make your control easier using your android/iOS phone. This app also allows you to get all of your photos on your phone. This app also featured to save your important photos on famous online storage service like Google Drive and DropBox. Moreover RE app allows you to live stream your video on YouTube channel, and it’s an amazing feature of HTC RE camera.

Get RE App for iOS

Get RE App for Android

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Salient Specifications

  • 89 inches height
  • 35 ounces weight
  • No digital zoom
  • Water resisted
  • No autofocus
  • microSD memory card compatibility

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