The Humble SEGA Mobile Bundle

The Humble SEGA Mobile Bundle

The Humble Bundle has quickly become one of the more popular ways to spread the word of indie games to the gaming world. Based on the premise that you can pay what you want for a revolving package of games, changing monthly and sometimes weekly, you gain access to a plethora of games for much, much lower than what you would pay for them individually. However, to many, one of the most appealing parts of the Humble Bundle name-your-own-price feature is that you can decide how much of what you pay, either a portion or all of it, goes to whatever charity the Bundle is representing for that particular package. Pay less than the average amount paid and you get a smaller collection of games. However, pay above that average and other games within the bundle come available.

In recent years, The Humble Bundle has begun to accommodate mobile games after demand for them skyrocketed with the popularity of the service itself. DRM-Free for your Android device, the only thing that you are limited by would be the minimum device requirements of specific games. We here at love gaming, like most everyone out there, and have been taking advantage of the altruism of the Humble Bundle service for several years now. Right now, Humble Bundle is offering the SEGA Mobile Bundle.


Right now, the Bundle includes Sonic 4 Episode 1, ChuChu Rocket, and Virtua Tennis Challenge, all for however much you’d like to pay. If you pay more than the current average, which tends to fluctuate based on the nearly thirty thousand bundles sold already, you can unlock Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, Sonic 4 Episode 2, and the SEGA classic Crazy Taxi. The Humble Bundle is always adding new games and features to their bundles and if you have bought your bundle before an additional game is added, you are given than game as well as soon as it is released.

The Humble Bundle is a great and efficient way of gathering contributions to some of the best charities in the world, with the current charities being collected for in the SEGA bundle being UNICEF, the Penny-Arcade created Child’s Play, and WaterAid. As always, you can decide how your money is split between the charities, the developers, or as a straight tip to the Humble developers for all their hard work.


If none of these games are up to your liking, the Humble team offer a multitude of deals, including soundtracks and even books in various deals, along with their store that feels at time a great deal like Steam.

The Humble SEGA Mobile Bundle has 12 days left at the time of this article, so act fast if you want to get in on this meaningful and helpful way of donating all while being rewarded with some great games for your effort. And be sure to check out the Humble Bundle App to stay on top of all the deals that come available across multiple platforms and devices.


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