The most impressive wins in Casino slots

The most impressive wins in Casino slots

There have always been and always will be mega jackpots some lucky gamblers win in Casinos, both regular and online. If you look through the statistics, there have been a couple of impressive winnings over the last two years. As one may guess, Las Vegas is the place where all the mind-blowing events usually take place. And regarding the huge payouts this city is no exception. Most of those winnings are related to playing one and the same game – Wheel of Fortune, which currently has become one of the most popular games.

City that sticks to the rhythm of the night

Surely when someone speaks of casinos, many start thinking of Las Vegas first. This iconic city has become the world’s popcultural center, boasting tons of gambling facilities and some of the biggest hotels in the globe. No wonder, such a large number of remarkable events take place in it, especially in what refers to winning the great sum of money. Thus, the highest jackpot won in Las Vegas slots recently was a sum worth 4,526,288 US dollars. It was won on 1.28.2014 by the player who played Wheel of Fortune.

A couple of months later, however, there was another jackpot won. The winner also played the same game his predecessor did. The size of jackpot was 2,694,775 dollars, it was won on 5.26.2014.

The biggest winning in online slots ever registered

No one argues that previously mentioned jackpots were big, but in comparison to the one we are going to speak they simply fade. The largest payout in an online slot ever registered is $20,062,600, which was won by a 26 year-old British soldier Jon Heywood on 06 October 2015. It is known that he played Mega Moolah designed by the Microgaming. The jackpot he won is currently a Guinness World Record and the luck he possesses is an object of envy for millions.

The one who wins is the one who plays

Suppose everyone’s got the message of this statement: you won’t win anything unless you start playing. For someone who never tried online slots before they may seem a bit scary at first. But to ensure those people there’s nothing to be concerned of we’d like to say there many slots that require no deposit at all. You may choose something like a free play sizzling hot machine for example and practice in it until you acquire skills of a pro gambler. Then you may think of betting for real but still no one forces you to.

If you’d like to know more about the game, you can visit the site and try it for yourself. No registration or downloading is required, simply follow the link and start playing. With time you’ll learn every aspect of the slot and who knows, maybe you’ll happen to beat the house too.



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