Instagram Alternatives – Best Android Photo Sharing Apps

Instagram Alternatives – Best Android Photo Sharing Apps

We all know about Instagram which is best-known app for photo sharing with any OS smartphone, now doubt a number of people are using this app. But if you are looking for something other that will work as the app is going on. Here I collected some of the best Instagram alternatives that you can use to share photos with your Android or iPhone. Simply pick your favorite app for free and get started sharing your special moments with the friends. Some of the apps help you to edit your images before sharing over the web.


Pixlr Express Plus

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Autodesk made and other photos sharing that would be your favorite Instagram app called Pixlr Express Plus. This app is much powerful and advanced than the old pixlr-o-matic. This app allows you to adjust lighting, color balance and remove red-eye effects from your photos as well as add borders to you pictures before sharing. Its perfect free photo sharing app if you are feeling held back by other photo apps.


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The maker of Pixlr Express Plus also made this app having some basic features for photos sharing. When it comes to add a number of effects in your photos Pixlr-o-matic is best for all of us. This app allows you to add the filter, frames and overlays to your photos to the new photos even the photos that are available in your gallery. The app is getting popular, it has over 2 million possible outcomes. You will like the borders and lighting effect options in t this Instagram alternative photo sharing app. Pixlr-o-matic allows you to share photos on other social sites like Facebook,, Flickr and save them on Dropbox.


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If you are in need of a fast photo sharing app, this app helps you to dress up your images in order to make them more attractive. You can tune your photos with the help of several easy to use options for sharing it on the app. A number of famous online portals are using this app including PCMag, claimed the app makers. You can use its powerful photos correction options and use verity of images to enhance the effects.


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You would be aware with this app before, but I just found it another one perfect alternative of Instagram. This app allows you to continue sharing photos in your chosen fields. They allow to you set the timer on each picture to share it on the web, as the timer will be up the picture goes on the web.


Streamzoo is an app like social gaming elements otherwise it appears just like the usual Instagram app, the users will be able to follow the popular streams using #tags in order to make their photos popular on the app social. The app allows users to earn badges in order compete with the other users. You can share photos in groups or privately with the people following you. The app is linked to top social networks including Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Flickr.


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