Is Your Site Ready For M-Commerce?

Is Your Site Ready For M-Commerce?

Is Your Site Ready For M-Commerce?

With the rise in smartphone usage, Google’s mobile index and the advent of AMP, even the least forward-thinking webmasters cannot be blind to the importance of having a mobile friendly site. But being geared up to face the ongoing fallout from Mobilegeddon means more than just having an AMP version of your site and pages that load quickly and clearly across different platforms – important though those aspects are.

Mobile ecommerce is now growing at such a rate that it has coined its own name – welcome to the world of m-commerce. According to m-Commerce statistics from Criteo, more than 40 percent of ecommerce was conducted by mobile devices in 2015, and by the end of this year, that statistic is expected to have shot up to 70 percent.

Is your site optimized?

To cut the mustard in the m-commerce environment, your site needs to do more than just look good on mobile. You also need to be absolutely sure that your vendor platforms work faultlessly and seamlessly. The days when visitors used their mobiles to take a look online and then went to their desktop to actually do the business are gone, and more than three quarters of m-commerce transactions take place at home or work. In other words, people are not using their mobiles to complete purchases because they have to, they are doing so because they prefer to.

Your site might look great, but unless the buying process is smooth, with the right calls to action and a glitch-free payment process, you will be hemorrhaging customers. Market research gurus Supermonitoring found that more than 80 percent of m-commerce users have had problems completing a transaction at one time or another, and that 40 percent of those who had a bad experience went straight to a competitor. In the online world, there are few second chances given, so the likelihood is that few of them ever went back.

The future is already here

Some might say that the future is all about mobile, but the fact is that the sector is already worth $100 billion per year in the USA alone. Put that way, the future is already here, and if your business is not claiming its slice of this rapidly expanding pie, you are putting it at an enormous disadvantage.

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