JINGLE BELLS! The Best Holiday Deals! Part 2!

JINGLE BELLS! The Best Holiday Deals! Part 2!

As promised, Part 2 of the best Holiday Deals you can find!

chromecast amazon deal

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of the Chromecast. Even with the Nexus Player right around the corner, I feel that the Chromecast’s simplicity and ease of use makes it the superior device to keep your non-smart TV way ahead of the curve. Stream Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, and Spotify with just a few taps. And there are even a large number of third party games that can be played on the device which makes it great for parties and get-togethers. You’ll be hard pressed to find one better. And guess what? Amazon has it right now for $23.99. You honestly will not be able to do much better than that. Jump on that deal while it lasts.


Being a musician and a bit of an audiophile, I absolutely love portable speakers. LOVE them. The ease they bring to getting music out there, no matter where you are, and the ever-growing sound quality from the often surprisingly small packages is simply the best. The JBL Pulse Portable Bluetooth Speaker is one of my favorites and right now, through Best Buy, you can actually grab this small speaker for $50 off what you would normally pay for the device, which was $199.99. JBL has made some of my favorite speaker systems I’ve been privy to use in the past and this little speaker will surprise with you the quality of sound and kick it carries. On top of that, the programmable LED light system inside the speaker, which gives you an impromptu light show to go along with any music you’re listening to, really ups the ante with this particular speaker without there being a loss in sound quality. Quick plug, here. I’ve got two of them paired to my desktop and I find that I rarely need any subwoofer to compensate. For my computer, they’re perfect.


Also coming in from Best Buy is what is probably my favorite Bluetooth keyboard on the market, the HP Wireless Keyboard, or at least my favorite for the price. While admittedly I am not always the biggest of HP, their peripheral business has been one that’s been growing steadily in quality over the last few years. And the Bluetooth keyboard market, at least since smartphones have gotten bigger and tablets have become more commonplace, has been one that has, in many ways, become oversaturated. Either they’re too expensive to be conventional or practical or they’re too cheap to expect any sort of lifespan or quality from. And honestly, in the tech world you really do get what you pay for. This little keyboard clocks in at a fair price, especially right now when it’s $20 cheaper than the normal list price of $49.99. This is another item that I personally have and use and I find that it works wonderfully with my Nexus tablet. There may be others out there that are flashier, but in terms of quality, price, and speed, you’d be hard pressed to do better than this HP.


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