Katana MRP System helps to Track your product’s life from start to finish

Katana MRP System helps to Track your product’s life from start to finish

The advent of the computer age has truly made some revolutionary impacts on the way we do business. In the modern world, processing and managing products and supplies are handled in a digitalized manner. Material Requirements Planning (commonly abbreviated to MRP) systems manage manufacturing processes. An MRP system is usually operated via software, although it is also possible to conduct MRP by hand as well.

Regardless of the types, an MRP system is designed to meet three objectives which are: to ensure materials are available for production and products are available for delivery to customers, to maintain the lowest possible amount of materials and products in the store, and plan manufacturing, delivery and purchasing activities.

One such mrp system is Katana, a manufacturing and inventory software designed for small online manufacturers (like Shopify, etc.). It makes production and inventory control a generally simpler task and is very suitable for a small business website. Now that you are familiar with what an mrp system is, we go on to review the capabilities of Katana.

The Features

Katana is loaded with numerous features to get you started with your little workshop. The software boasts simple yet effective features for product planning such as drag and drops priorities for manufacturing jobs, tracking the availability of required materials, identifying delay risks related to material supply lead times and having access to real-time production status overview info from the floor level.

You can optimize real-time inventory control with features such as electronic inventory transactions, having an inventory control of finished products and raw materials, maintaining control of finished products and raw materials, and efficiently managing product and material variants. The costing mechanism is accurate, where you can actively track manufacturing costs based on product recipes and production operations.


The powers of Katana make it possible to integrate some of your favorite online brands and services, with a large variety. Shopify users will be glad to know they can manage their sales using Katana. By having everything happen right under your supervision, expect never to miss a deadline. Similarly, other integrations include QuickBooks Online, Xero, Woo Commerce, and Big Commerce. In all integrations, you can easily meet your sales fulfillment through Katana.


You will not have to worry about making a large investment with Katana, and many reviewers rate its value for money to be top notch. The pricing system scales with the level of your business. You can initially start with a 14-day free trial to explore some features, after which all services are offered for a single user for 49 € monthly. A single e-commerce channel is included, a single inventory location and live support chat to help solve any of your queries in an instant. For an additional 19€ per month, you can add a second user. Likewise, there are additional payments for more than one inventory location or e-commerce channel.






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