Have you been thinking about writing your essay by yourself? Or have you simply been thinking of the reason why some people can write their essays quite well and you on the other hand are struggling to even put the right words together.

In case you are one of those people who find themselves in the uneasy situation of worrying about how to write your essay. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been struggling with this project for days or weeks; I suggest you read through the list of points analyzed in this article in order to develop your personal skills while applying the simple tips thereof.

Simple Professional Tips

Pick a Topic

its might sound a lot more straightforward in the event that you have your topic assigned to you by your lecturer or tutor, but in the case whereby you have intentionally been given free right to write on any subject of your choice, it now becomes your right to pick your topic of choice and in this case, it is advisable that you pick a topic relating to your area of interest or specialization where you really have the knowledge.

Two optional ways to write

When writing, in the situation whereby you chose your topic yourself, picking the angle from which you want to write is another tip to successful writing ideas. Please note that you can write from two angles, either from the angle of general overview i.e. in case you just want to write a general overview of the subject or you can come in as a writer targeting a particular analysis, this means that you can write your essay on some specific analysis in relation to a selected topic.

Right Title

Now this is another way to write the right essay by making it interesting to read. The title of an essay could make or break it, sometimes the teacher finds t hard to even read some assignments simply because the title of the essay has successfully pulled off all the interest the teacher might have in the essay before reading the title. To pick or draft fascinating and interesting title is the obligation of the writer and this can be done by making sure your title is explanatory, brief, cause a stir in the reader to want to read the main work.

Start the Research

The purpose of crafting your title before writing is to give you direction as a writer on where your focus should be and also to be able to make adequate research in line with the topic of choice.  Find what intrigues you in the topic you will be writing on and start some research on sub topics relating to the topic.

What’s your goal?

Your goal as a writer may vary depending on what you are writing on nevertheless, your goal when writing would be either of the following;

To educate

What you need to know if your goal is to educate is to make sure that you have make thorough research into the educational aspect of the topic which you want to research and also present your essay from an educative or educational perspective.

To persuade (a personal opinion about something)

If your goal is to persuade aside from choosing a subject in which you are so passionate about, what you need to know if your goal is to persuade is to make sure that you access thorough research tools which will help you compile a wholesome essay that launches its reader(s) into the discovery aspect of the topic which you want to research and more so, you will need to present your essay from a persuasive channel.  Whatever the mission of the essay, make sure that you are interested in your topic.

Organize your thought

to write a successful essay, it is important to organize your thoughts. This you can do by jotting down ever of your previously acquainted ideas you might have previously known and you are now familiar with and the new ideas you are picking through research, help yourself see connections and links between ideas more clearly. You could pick real life experiences to be infused in your essay writing. I suggest outlining every of your ideas while some researchers and experts have also suggested that you could use a diagram as an aid to pen down your thoughts and organizing them accordingly, either way, organizing is important as it will help you to write a more organized essay.

Content of your thesis statement

Your thesis statement is compulsory to consist of two parts, the topic and the point of the essay.

For instance, if you were writing about Barrack Obama and his impact on the United States, an appropriate thesis statement would be, “Barrack Obama has impacted the future of our country through his two consecutive terms as United States President.”


The content of the body of an essay should be argumentative. You should start with a core idea of yours to start as the introductory sentence then introduce your supporting ideas with examples backing your ideas.

 Your Conclusion

The conclusion normally is expected to be the reinforcing launch into the end of thesis, a conclusive that brings closure and summary of all ideas with a final perspective on your topic. Your conclusion is alright to contain three, four or maximum of five rigid sentences.

One last review

You should know there are importantly good reasons to review your essay,

  • Check for typographical or grammatical error
  • Analyze your thesis one last time
  • Read to yourself and understand your ideas perfectly and assure yourself that you actually made sense
  • You can give someone around your essay and ask them what they feel about it.
  • Rewrite essay in clean sheet before final submission

So you see no need to tell your neighbor or friends ‘write my essay’ anymore, just get on with it. Yippee! And that’s how to successfully write a perfect essay.



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