Do you know everything before you implement your preventative maintenance plan?

Do you know everything before you implement your preventative maintenance plan?

There has always been a direct relation between sustainability performance and predictive maintenance. Though it is not a linkage that is drawn commonly yet the correlation between the way we manage assets and sustainability metrics couldn’t be clearer. If you don’t know what preventative maintenance is, it is the kid of maintenance that is regularly performed on office equipments to reduce the likelihood of poor performance and sudden breakdown. Ideally, you need to do periodic maintenance when the equipment is still working just to ensure that it doesn’t fail all of a sudden.

So, if you’re considering seeking help of some maintenance software like CMMS, you need to ensure you know the few relevant things that all should know before using such software. What are they? Read on to educate yourself on few points.

  • Determine the definition of preventative maintenance

The first and foremost item is to make sure all understands the way in which your business defines or thinks of preventative maintenance and what the anticipations are. If your business’ strategy concentrates more on cleaning rather than alignment and balancing, you can be sure that everyone understands you. One of the most common definitions of preventative maintenance promotes productive communication and maintaining everyone on the same page.

  • Keep a watch on your equipment operations

Before you move into defining preventative maintenance objectives, you require taking stock of the equipment of your business. Note the amount of downtime if a machine fails, calculate the amount your business spends every year on parts and indicate the response time and performance. Once you have the data, you can decide the average cost per an hour of machine downtime, giving a starting point before incorporating the preventative maintenance plan.

  • Analyze the goals of preventative maintenance

Then, your organization should get preventative maintenance goals. What is your key focus on? Is it on saving money or enhancing efficiencies? Or is it on reducing any chances of equipment failure or all the aforementioned things? When you have well-defined goals, your business will be able to select a preventative maintenance plan which will only address the needs and concerns of your business and help you move towards your objectives.

  • Know the definite standards your equipment complies to

In majority of the industries, the different equipments need to abide by the different compliance standards. You have to make sure that all the employees who are there in your office know the standards, where they should look up to if the need arises and what kind of work requires being done everyday to abide by the standards.

  • Prepare yourself for inspections and monitoring

One more aspect that you should work on is inspections and monitoring of all equipments. With the best maintenance management software, you can even monitor all performance of equipments real time from any specific location. The managers can hence stay at the edges of preventive work which can be done through business locations, thereby saving money and time.

There’s no doubt about the fact that preventative maintenance can assist business throughout all industries. From restaurants to retail industries, any business that uses equipment will save money and time by performing preventative maintenance. Remember that it’s not just enough to perform maintenance but it also requires being done properly and managed well. For more details on such tech advancements and topics, you may check out Nogentech blog which is the best tech blog in the market.


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