Developed at Computer Laboratory at Cambridge University, Xen VPS is a monitor tool used for virtual private server (VPS). At the first time, Xen VPS was designed to work on ARM, x86-64, Itanium, and IA-32 system architectures but since two years ago, this virtual private server monitor tool has been free software under the license of GPL v2.

XEN VPS, an Affordable Hosting Solution

As one of the cheapest VPS today, this unique virtual server monitor tool has many benefits which attract users to use it at their private servers. It may be affordable, but never doubt its performance. In fact, Xen VPS has been used by a lot of companies, such as a famous gambling company like bet365. Users who use this tool at their server usually have the hypervisor at the basic level as well as the privileged layer. In utilizing the processors of the computers where Xen is installed, there are some guest operating systems which use the schedule of the hypervisor of the server. These guest operatings systems can be found at the very top of the layer. Using the domain 0, the guest operatings systems are now able to boot. The process itself will be completed automatically for this domain when they system (the computer) is booted and the management privileges in running on the computer which directly access they physical resources of the computer.

The Cheapest, but Still Great

There is also another nice thing about Xen, as one of the cheapest VPS until now. Using Xen in VPS Hosting, user who act as the admin have the ability to move the virtual machines between different computers using Local Area Network (LAN) without making the host going down. The procedure on this VPS Hosting can be done becuase of the copying process of the virtual machine’s memory among computers which becomes more unique whe

In the execution of this process isn’t down during the process.  Just in special case when a value of 300 ms is reached, the site will be stopped. This is needed to synchronize, for the final, the virtual machines.

The Reason for its Popularity

Realizing the capabilities of this virtual private server, many web masters have used Xen for their servers. There is nothing better than this server until this day. Web masters and site admins finally find the solution for most problems they find in managing the web, especially the servers. However, there are still weak points of this server. They need to be fixed to increase the capability of Xen itself and the satisfaction of every Xen user. It is not an easy work, but with all users supporting Xen, nothing is impossible. From time to time, its developers put their best efforts to make everything better in Xen. They’ve commit themselves not to stop working until everyone can get their dream version of an alternative hosting solution. Xen VPS is just the beginning of something great that will happen in the future of web hosting. It just paves the path for other affordable alternative hosting solution that web owners have been seeking. It’s not an easy job, but also not impossible.



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