Knowing The Existence Of Tech Debt In Your Code Is Vital

Knowing The Existence Of Tech Debt In Your Code Is Vital

Knowing The Existence Of Tech Debt In Your Code Is Vital

It is a fact that tech debt will arise in a code base but it is not easy to identify and locate it in code. This makes refactoring on a faulty code even more difficult. To refactor on a code as well as save time to produce the next one on time, you need to know where it is located. If you are not sure whether or not tech debt exists in your environment and where does it exist, if at all, then you can ask yourself a few questions as a help. Prepare a questionnaire and answer to it honestly so that you can be sure of the existence of tech debt in your code.

Ask Relevant Questions

The questionnaire must consist of relevant questions like whether or not you suspect any existence of tech debt in a particular code. Starting with asking yourself whether or not you suspect tech debt in your code will help you in honest admittance of tech debt. If you suspect, then you are true, and if you think you do not have one, then you are likely to have one soon. When you know it, you can state the obvious and follow the required steps for the prevention of its accumulation. Prevention is the best remedial process for tech debt accumulation as it will keep the debt level within manageable proportions.

Have A Proper Plan

It is essential to have a proper plan in all actions and addressing tech debt is also no exception. You can click here to know more about the ways of addressing tech debt. You will have to prioritize tech debts according to the rate of interest after identification, and after that develop a useful strategy to deal it upfront. It will be great if you can eliminate it altogether, but even if you can pay off the major part of it, things will even brighten up considerably. But having a plan is essential as if you do not have one in place, you will find yourself far inside the black hole of tech debt.

Teams Derive Different Values

The values derived from new features by each of the team in your company may be varied, and therefore everyone will care for their benefit. The sales and marketing department will want new features which will help in differentiation in the market with other competitors and therefore will have a different value as compared with other teams. The predictable and high quality of the code will deliver new capabilities for the marketing team. On the other hand, the development and operations team will value those codes for which they will not have to rework and manage patches frequently.

Associate Code Base Pieces

The primary objective of reworking on a code base is to associate the pieces of the entire code with constituencies. It is also done so that specific values can be assigned to each. There is a lot of objectivity as well as subjectivity to such approach and is often helpful in the prevention of tech debt formation in the future.


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