The Language of the Millennial: How to Use Technology to Reach Millennials

The Language of the Millennial: How to Use Technology to Reach Millennials

From the early 1980’s to the early 2000’s, there is a generation that we have labeled the Millennials. Much of this generation have grown up in a technologically advanced world.

The youngest of this group struggle to give a decent definition of what a payphone is simply because they have never had the need to use one. Many have never even seen one.

So, how do you reach an entire generation that doesn’t understand or respond to the language of outdated communication tactics? Upgrade. Below are three ways to do just that.


Snail Mail Meets Garbage Can


In today’s society, it’s easier than ever to reach someone. With the invention of the cell phone and the constant updates to service areas, the average person is almost always reachable.


However, if you wish to advertise to a Millennial or send him/her time-sensitive material, we don’t suggest you try to accomplish this through snail mail. The majority of snail mail simply goes from the mailbox to the trash can,  if they even get around to checking the mailbox.


Trying to communicate with a Millennial through the U.S. Postal Service is a waste of time, money, and paper, and most of this generation would have a very large problem with the needless damage to needed forests. If you want to reach this generation, send an email.


The Social Butterflies


Every generation has been a social one. With the exception of a few hermits, everyone on the planet is social to some extent. In the early 1900’s hanging out with your friends meant tea time for the ladies and cigars and brandy for the gentlemen.


Moving on to the 60’s, you had a good time with your buddies by doing illegal drugs, riding the strip through town, and sometimes both. With the introduction of Nintendo, hanging out in the 80’s meant seeing who could shoot the most ducks or save the princess the fastest.


As we have evolved as a society, we have added to our daily routines and our technological advances. Millennials are just as social as previous generations, if not more. With that said, they also have more access to each other than ever before, as well.


If you want to speak the language of the Millennial, you will need to learn how to navigate social media. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram are just a few of the site this group uses to keep in touch with each other.


Catching Them in Your Web


In the “good old days,” if we oldtimers wanted to complete a research paper for school, find the meaning of a word, or just find out what was going on in the world, we had to read about it in a book or magazine.


The World Wide Web wasn’t all access until the early 90’s, but it is now the most used outlet for information by Millennials. Want to know something you didn’t before? Look it up on a popular search engine.


Want to buy the latest fashions or find your friends favorite cd in time for Christmas? Simply plan a shopping trip through the countless online stores. The Millennial will and if you want to reach them you will have to adapt. After all, most of them aren’t backward compatible.


Being a Millennial is an adventure. Being able to speak their language will help you be an integral part of it.


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