Mobile Gambling –Apps or Browser-Based Apps?

Mobile Gambling –Apps or Browser-Based Apps?

Mobile gaming is the new trend that is floating around in the online casino sphere, particularly in Spain. It’s convenient, it’s user-friendly and best of all, you can take your games on the go wherever you are in the world. As you know, you have the option to either play via the browser-based apps or native apps created by different operating systems. Which one’s the best option? 

You’ll have to read this post to come to your own conclusions on the matter. Just scroll through to find out more! 

The Mobile Experience in Spain 

So, first things first. We are privileged to be living in a time where we have so much access to cutting-edge technologies. Every year, new gadgets are launched, more games are introduced, along with other advanced technologies. The online gaming world is no exception. 

In fact, more and more players in Spain are choosing to play their favourite casino games on their mobile and with good reason! The experience remains the same, you can still play the same games  and best of all you can still get your hands on some cracking bonuses. 

In fact, more and more Spanish players are looking for providers on to find great contenders that guarantee an exceptional mobile experience. And we don’t blame them! What’s great about mobile gaming is that it’s extremely convenient.

 This means that you can play casino games whilst you’re on the train, whilst you’re waiting in a queue… in short, you can take your gaming experience anywhere. Will these devices replace the desktop experience? Only time will tell, but we can tell you one thing – the mobile era is well and truly here to stay. 

Downloadable Casino Apps vs Browser-Based Apps

It’s now time to discuss the mobile experiences that are available to you. As we outline the pros and cons of each option, it’s up to you to decide which one works best for what you’re after. 

As discussed previously, there are two ways in which you can play your favourite mobile casino games. You can choose to play them directly on your phone’s browser or you can download an app. Here’s the thing; a casino’s mobile site will always be available via the browser, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that a downloadable app is also available. 

So, what’s the difference between the two? Should you go for downloadable apps or browser-based apps? Truthfully, there are few noticeable differences. You’ll still be able to access the same gaming lobby and win bonuses. As you will soon see, the main difference lies in the functionality and the layout. 

Let’s start with browser-based apps. Given that all these work with HTML5 technologies, they can be used across multiple devices and operating systems. That said, you need to keep in mind that you need to type the address every single time you want to play. 

Up next we’ve got native apps – in other words, these apps are the ones you can download from you phone’s app store. This means that they are developed to work with the respective operating system e.g. iOS and Android. In this respect, these apps are more complex to develop. On top of that, not every provider will offer the option. 

As expected, native apps for iPhone or iPad can be downloaded from the iTunes store. If you have an Android phone, you need to be aware that things work differently in this scenario. Considering the fact that the Google Play Store has only recently launched real money apps, users will discover that the choice is limited. Perhaps things will be better once Android launch a specific native app that will be available to download from the casino’s site. 

At the same time, native apps are easier to use in the sense that your provider has created them for them to work seamlessly with your operating system. In this case, logging in is easier and you will also have all your favourite casino games under one roof.


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