Mobile Gambling Is Steadily on the Rise

Mobile Gambling Is Steadily on the Rise

Businesses that upgrade with the changing technologies are always successful. One of the best examples of this is the gambling industry. The first casino was started legally in 1931. Though the popularity and population visiting the in-house casinos are tremendous, the industry expanded to online in 1994 as per the trend. Thus web-based casinos grew gradually driving many users as they allow users to play, place bets right from the comfort of their homes. However, real-money betting was banned in most of the states. 

Later in 2011, a couple of years after Apple smartphones are released and allowed gambling apps to integrate within Apple’s App store, the casino games even influenced mobile phone users. Thus the story of mobile gambling has started out there and since been on a rise. Google Playstore, the latecomer to the show started allowing gambling apps a few years later. What’s most surprising is that nearly 80% of revenue was generated from mobile gaming in 2018. Thus a digital revolution took place in the gambling industry with the rapid use of smartphones.

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So, what do you think are the main reasons that took mobile gambling to new heights? Simple, the convenience. So will mobile gambling change the future of the gambling world? Yes, definitely. But, there are a good number of fans for brick and mortar gambling houses. So, they won’t disappear. Anyways, lets’ see why mobile gambling is gaining such popularity in recent years.

Why Mobile Gambling is Growing?


Over 3.5 billion people in the world use smartphones. As mobile devices let users access almost everything within their fingertips, it is not any difficult to access a gambling app. So, mobile phones allow users to place bets no matter where they are or what they are doing. 

Thus it became much easier for people to gamble from their mobile phones as it doesn’t take any time to access the game. All you need to do is open the app, login, and play. Moreover, you do not need to travel miles to play your favorite casino games or be disappointed that you don’t have inhouse casinos nearby.

So, whether you are on your couch or somewhere in a coffee shop or waiting for someone to pick you up, you can gamble on the best mobile online casinos with much ease from your mobiles. User convenience is one of the key reasons why mobile gambling gained such significance.

Mobile gambling became far more successful than traditional web gambling because of the same reason. Online gambling on desktops or laptops requires people to sit in front of them and work with mouse for a long time. In this fast-moving world, immobility is a major drawback. This is the other reason why mobile gambling is steadily increasing. 

Easy Transactions

Research says mobile users convert more compared to web users. Due to the convenience to access different apps on smartphones from anywhere in the world at any time, the number of people using their mobile devices to book activities, make payments is also increasing. Moreover, mobiles help in making easy and effortless payments through some payment apps or credit cards. Thus people have their credit card information and account details saved on their gateways.

So, the chances are high that people use the benefits of smartphones deposit real money when they want to play in online casinos. As they need not put effort to make transactions. Not to mention, the payment gateways on mobiles are safe and secured, however. 


As said, mobiles provide great reliability. Years ago you need to travel to an internet cafe to access the internet and do some stuff. But today, wherever you go you are connected with a high-quality internet connection. You can shop, chat, fall in love on-the-go on your mobiles, so is the gambling. Moreover, mobiles connected to private data networks are safer compared to the devices connected to public networks, so your payment data is of utmost safe when you are playing with real money.

Moreover, most of the online casinos are available and accessed online. Meaning, you can play and place bets without even downloading the apps. So, you even save your phone’s memory.

It has become a Millennial’s Game

Casinos and gambling is an age-old game. A few years ago, most of the casino players were adults and elder adults. But the game has changed with the entry of mobile gambling as most of the smartphone users are millennials. So, the concept of mobile gambling is even attracting youngsters who are worth for generating more revenue both to casinos and themselves. 

With the techniques such as ads, newsletters and referrals, the casino companies are able to attract more young users who are more paying customers. Thus the billion-dollar industry expected to turn as a multi-billion dollar space in the very few years.

Live Events & Accessibility

The success of mobile gambling motivated many casino operators to move online and develop mobile applications. Though there are still many regions where real-money bets are not legal, governments that ban the access to these sites or apps. The VPN servers solve the issues and let people into the game no matter where they are. Moreover, with the increase in the number of users, gaming platforms are providing better user experience. Regular Live sports, live bets with short intervals, and immediate access for everybody made mobile gambling even more popular among mobile users.

Thus people with zero knowledge and gambling experts can access live events and place bets at any time and anywhere.

Bottom Line

Gambling on mobiles is definitely a new experience for players but it is the future of the gambling industry. The operators are actively expanding their casinos to online and mobile apps. Effective marketing strategies such as alluring bonuses, loyalty points, free betting, etc are driving more users to gambling apps. Moreover, with the cutting edge technologies, the casino operators are enhancing user experience with customization, virtual reality gambling, live dealer games and exciting real-time environment. Mobile gambling not only provides players a place to win money but also a platform for beginners to learn from trial games and improve their gaming skills.

Thus with all these advancements and benefits, mobile gambling is yet to grow more and gain huge success in the coming years.


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