The MobileTweaks News Roundup for Early October!

The MobileTweaks News Roundup for Early October!

As usual, there’s a lot going on in the world of mobile technology. We here at love to bring you the latest and most up to date news possible, so rather than focus it all into one post for you, we’re going to do our News Roundup! Buckle up!

 Galaxy Note 4

Unfortunate news for our UK readers and those looking forward to the release of the new Galaxy Note 4. Due to what Samsung is citing as high demand, the launch of the new phablet, which was slated for release in the UK tomorrow on the 10th of October, has been pushed back a week to the 17th. Now, a week isn’t a long time, but many, including myself, question this “demand” excuse and wonder if this is just a tactic to generate more sales. Even if it is, it’s one that will work as the Note 4 is expected to be the best selling Note yet.


In an interesting comparison put forth by marketing consultant firm Stone Temple, it seems that the voice search Google Now has beat out both Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana in advanced and comprehensive returns in searches and commands. Stone Temple designed a large assortment of specially designed questions, nearly 3100 in total, to pose to each of the voice search and command apps and analyzed their responses en masse. It turns out that Google Now, in what is turning out to be standard fashion for the search giant, returned more comprehensive results over each of the other two apps by nearly 30% (over Siri) and 40% (over Cortana) in the test results.


To accompany the new RE Camera, HTC is lining up to release the new EYE Experience camera software. Bragging that EYE will be the most comprehensive camera technology to date in any smartphone on the market, it offers a host of features that run the gamut from useful to simply fun. Just having an HTC smartphone won’t guarantee you getting the EYE Experience app. It seems to be limited to a handful of HTC’s phones, most notably the One series of phones.


Due to the NVidia lawsuit with Qualcomm and Samsung, there is a distinct possibility that the latest Samsung phones featuring the S4, 400, 600, 800, 801, or 805 Snapdragon processors will be banned from being sold in the United States. NVidia is claiming a patent infringement in the case and now the International Trade Commission is investigating Samsung to determine if the phones can be released in the United States before the lawsuit is settled. This is bad news for many of our readers, and Samsung’s users, who were looking forward to the release of the newest line of Samsung devices like the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Note Edge. While they likely won’t be blocked forever, the delay could turn out to be significant and possibly cost Samsung quite a bit of money in both potential fines and revenue lost due to the lack of sales in their new phones, something Samsung doesn’t need right now amidst growing financial difficulties.


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