Most Popular Recreational Uses of Computers

Most Popular Recreational Uses of Computers

Computers have many uses in our daily lives. Industry, commerce, individuals, services and every organisation will use them as a tool for one reason or another. But for the large majority of us individual users – recreational time is our favorite way when using a computer.

Gaming is very popular. The sheer choice of games, styles and competitive arenas has made this a pastime of our generation. Online gaming can involve others (from all over the world) to play in real time against us. This propels the combative and competitive edge of playing.

However, it is probably not the most popular use of a computer when it comes to recreational use. Social media can be predominately recreational. We take selfies, share them online, talk about our day (on Twitter), post a photo on Instagram or have a laugh on Snapchat. All these things are very recreational and popular but there are many other time fillers we indulge in on our computers.

Gambling has a big reach in technology and computers too. It is possible to play poker online with another, even if you are in London and they play in Las Vegas. Most lotteries now also have an option where you can play lotto online. Moreover, you can get paid instantly if you win as the technology updates the results as they come in.

Video and Streaming Content

Video sharing websites like YouTube and Vimeo have long been very special platforms for recreational use. As well as being educational, informative and entertaining, streaming content can take up a lot of recreational time.

VoIP Calling

One of the greatest technological breakthroughs is being able to speak to a distant relative on the other side of the world. This technology is performed by a software known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) like provider Nextiva, you can check Nextiva reviews before using them.

Oddly enough, it was first heralded in Eastern Europe and quickly spread to the developed western nations at some point in the early 1990s. We were always able to speak to our grandparents in Australia, the sister who emigrated to Canada or the son who went on his gap year to India via a telephone call. The cost was extremely expensive, until VoIP drove this down until it was actually free.

Now all social media platforms have a video VoIP software that is established within it. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp among two of the largest in use today. However, Skype still remains a popular software kit for calling face-to-face over the net as it ever was.

Playing games online like those associated with the some of the big name game manufacturers will always be associated with desktop computing. Somehow playing these games on the small screen or a smartphone does not give players any advantage (unless they happen to own a larger screen tablet or phablet).

Recreational use on computers expands beyond many different platforms and the development of apps is as widely available to PCs and laptops, as it always has been to our smartphones.


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