If My Name Changes, Is a New EIN Needed?

If My Name Changes, Is a New EIN Needed?

Making the decision to give your business a new name requires a lot of thought and more than a little effort. Depending on your home state, you could find yourself doing paperwork to re-establish every relationship you have with regulatory bodies and vendors, although most of the time you will find that both want to work with you as you make the change. One question a lot of entrepreneurs ask is whether a name change will require a new tax ID. The answer is generally no, but there are some exceptions.


When You Need a New Tax ID


Broadly speaking, the IRS only wants to issue new tax ID numbers to new entities. That means your decision to change a business name will not trigger a new EIN number in NC or any other state unless you are also changing the business structure and incorporating or registering again. Under those circumstances, you do need a new number, but it’s because of the restructuring and not the name change.


Name Change Notifications


The IRS does ask that you notify them and take other necessary steps to follow up on a name change, but those steps usually don’t involve a new EIN. They just involve getting the records for the old one updated. If you need to verify EIN number registration to make sure your company information is up to date, IRS-EIN-Tax-ID.com has a tool for the job.


Register for Your EIN Quickly


In the event you do need a new EIN, it’s easy to apply when you use an online SS-4 application that reduces the process to its simplest elements, and that’s what IRS EIN Tax ID Filing Service sets out to do for all its clients. The process is incredibly easy.


  • Select your entity
  • Fill out the application and pay
  • Wait for email notification


Contact the company for more details. They answer inquiries promptly during regular business hours.



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