Nintendo gets ready to release five new Smartphone games by the end of March 2017

Nintendo gets ready to release five new Smartphone games by the end of March 2017

A few days ago, on May 8th, Nintendo briefed about its financial results concerning the end of the previous fiscal year. The financial results are filled with charts and graphs, but one thing stood out as particularly interested. It is no secret that the company is working side by side with DeNA to release Smartphone games. However, the thing that caught everyone’s attentions is the fact that Nintendo announced to release five new games by the end of 2017.nin

The company announced to release only five games within that time frame, which sounds very infrequent and gives an idea that Nintendo is not completely on board with “app store” idea.

After Nintendo had paid lip service to the phone games, the report followed up with Nintendo’s continuous strong passion and believes dedicated to delivering high-quality video games to its loyal fans. Nintendo’s main money maker lies in its hardware products, and that is not likely to change. The promise of new five smartphone games seems to be nothing more than a ploy to calm down the nerves of inpatient stockholders.nint

Interestingly enough, the company decided to lay all the cards down and to get in front of the matter right away. While anticipating criticism, they promptly responded that these five games may seem as no big deal, but in fact they tend to make each game a hit. Nintendo is basically interested in producing mobile games which are suitable for their hardware equipment as well. Giving Nintendo’s track record of using gimmicky hardware, that’s no surprise.

The president of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata said that the company is putting great efforts in making these games operate smoothly. He also emphasized that they wish thoroughly to operate each one of the games for a good chunk of time after their releases.

Games are not the only thing Nintendo and DeNA are working on side by side. DeNA, the smartphone game maker, will be creating Nintendo’s new customers loyalty program. That loyalty program will make use of single Nintendo ID, which again can be used on personal computers, smart devices and of course Nintendo devices.

Satoru Iwata also mentioned that Nintendo is still very dedicated towards games making, and hopes that Nintendo will use smartphones in order to increase the exposure of their I.P, thus drawing new fans to dedicated game devices.

Nintendo is continuously amazed by the loyalty of their fans, and they hope to thrive more and more in the upcoming years. These five games will be anticipated with great inpatients. On the other hand, Amiibos is selling like crazy. However, the supply chain is having some problems. Rarity is somewhat good, but for a brief amount of time. And then just becomes overbearing. Everything has its limits. Remember Vii, which also faced some supply chain problems, which left room for competition to swoop in.MK8

Lego, Disney, and Activision are all deeply in the gaming market ad it is only matter of time before the market gets even more crowded. Nintendo has to act fast before the novelty cools off.//


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